Special Ops Force

Season 2 Episode 5

A Walk in the Park

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1998 on



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    • Margo: (after Matt shoots the man holding her as a human shield) Are you out of your frigging mind?! What if you missed?!
      Matt: Well, then you wouldn't be yelling at me like you are.

    • Heinrich: Congratulations, you've just been promoted to hostage.
      Margo: Somehow that doesn't make me feel better.

    • Deke: (kissing Claudia's hand) Enchanté, baby.
      Claudia: Oh, yes, indeed! You simply must let me do you...
      Deke: (raising his eyebrows) Ah, huh.
      Claudia: ...for my spring collection.
      Deke: We'll talk.

    • Claudia: (after Margo greets her favorite designer) So tell me, what is the woman on the go wearing this year?
      Margo: Well, mostly it's a Beretta 9mm, occasionally a Sig or the 1911.
      Claudia: Oh, so bulky! Why can't you carry one of those precious little .380s?
      Margo: Claudia, my life isn't a James Bond movie.
      Claudia: And don't you wish it were! Pierce Brosnan, yum!

    • Benny Ray: (after Nick tells one of his stories) You know, there is a village somewhere that is being deprived of its idiot!

    • Webster: Be careful here, Margo. Berlin can be very unfriendly to strangers.
      Margo: (furious that he won't help her) Someday it'll be you needing the favor, Nolan, and you better hope it's not my ass sitting in that chair!

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