Special Ops Force

Season 2 Episode 8

Hide and Seek

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 1998 on



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick: Gabriel manages to fire the stinger missile before he dies. He misses the Indian helicopter, but it would have gone off eventually, even if only in the lake or in the ground, yet there is no explosion seen or heard.

    • Nitpick: Gabriel constructs a hide for himself while waiting for the Indians' helocopter, but exits it to fire. A real assassin would have remained in the hide, and made sure that it was located in a place that was suitable for him to take his shot.

    • Nitpick: For the final attack on Gabriel, in an unknown position, only Matt and Margo are on the ground, with Nick and Benny Ray staying in the SUV. If there was a need for a backstop, why not make it Nick and Margo, the least experienced shooters? Benny Ray's sniper abilities would be invaluable in a situation like this, and should not have been left out of the primary mission. And where did Deke in the second vehicle disappear to? He drives to Reisel, but then doesn't join them to go after Gabriel.

  • Quotes

    • Matt: What's Gabriel up to?!
      Deke: I'm not sure, but my spider senses are tingling.

    • Matt: All right, guys, come with me! Margo, you stay here and watch the house. (Deke starts to follow) Uh, not you, Deke. You're a billboard with legs. You stay here with Margo.
      Margo: (when Deke looks disappointed and confused) Well, you are a little hard to miss.

    • Deke: (after Margo blows out the candles on her cake) What did you wish for?
      Margo: Obviously didn't work, because Nick's still here.
      Nick: Happy Birthday anyway, sweetheart.

    • Matt: Well, I sure am glad you two are having such a good time. Surprised you two haven't bit each other's heads off by now.
      Benny Ray: Well, I'll tell you what, boss, another night with him and I'd chew my own damn leg off to escape!

    • Matt: Come on, Trout, lighten up! It's Happy Hour!
      Trout: (preparing to brief Matt on a new mission) Not if you're on Swiss time.

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  • Allusions

    • Deke: (pulling up next to Matt's car) Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

      The Grey Poupon brand of Dijon mustard ran a series of ads in which one limousine would pull up to another and request that they share any Grey Poupon they might be carrying.