Special Ops Force

Season 1 Episode 10

Last Chance

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1998 on
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Episode Summary

Last Chance
After successfully getting hold of some damaging pictures in a mission in Nicaragua, the team's plane is shot down. They crash land in the jungle, and with Chance badly injured they think back to past missions while they wait for Trout's rescue team, consisting of only an old friend and Trout, to find them, while the Nicaraguan forces close in on them.moreless

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    Melinda Clarke

    Melinda Clarke

    Margo Vincent; former Case Officer CIA, Intelligence, Cryptography, Languages

    David Selby

    David Selby

    Xavier Trout; Classified

    Mark Sheppard

    Mark Sheppard

    Christopher 'C.J.' Yates (1); former SAS, Demolitions, Electronic Surveillance

    Tim Abell

    Tim Abell

    Benny Ray Riddle; former SSgt USMC, Sniper, Armorer

    Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson

    Maj Matthew Quentin Shepherd; former US Army Special Forces, Counter Terrorism, Special Recon, Unconventional Warfare

    Réal Andrews

    Réal Andrews

    Jason 'Chance' Walker (1); former Lt, Special Ops Aviation, Close Quarters Combat

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Goof: This episode aired as the tenth episode of the series in the US, and the seventeenth in the UK, but there are clips shown as memories from episodes that aired after this one did in both countries.

      • Nitpick: They are worried that Margo might have injured her neck in the crash, but then they use smelling salts to bring her around, which makes her flinch away from the odor violently.

      • The episode's graphics spell the Nicaraguan city "Ocotal", and later "Ocatal". The correct spelling is "Ocotal.

      • Drummer tells Trout that he won't take a helo into Nicaragua to look for Shepherd and his team, he intends to walk in. Drummer is in San Lorenzo, Honduras, and that it almost 76 miles from Ocotal, Nicaragua, where Shepherd's team's last known position.

      • Goof: When Trout is talking to Drummer in the bar, in one shot Trout is toying with a glass, the shot cuts to Drummer, and when the camera is back on Trout, there is no glass in his hands or on the table.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Margo: (after Matt cheers up Margo) One day you'll make a fine cheerleader.
        Matt: You think so, huh? Think I'm cute enough? (they share a laugh, and Matt leaves)
        Margo: (once he's out of earshot) Yeah.

      • Drummer: You know, Trout, as wiry as you are, inside I think you're really soft. You think that twisting fat cats' arms over bacon, eggs and buttered muffins and late morning tee times with congressionals is as good as a five mile run on the Potomac!
        Trout: Close, Drummer. When I play the congressionals I carry my own bags, and the reason I prefer a late morning tee time is because my morning run is ten miles! Rain, or shine!

      • Matt: Sorry about barking at you earlier.
        Margo: No problem. My infantry skills are a little rusty. Bad for the manicure, you know?

      • Drummer: (holding Trout in a joint lock) I owe you big time!
        Trout: You were pardoned! I had your record redacted! Clean Slate.
        Drummer: You put me in the crossfire, pulled me out, made me dance like a puppet on a string, and then, cut the string!
        Trout: We did what we said we would do.
        Drummer: Didn't do anything about the Colombians! Came to Dallas looking for my head!
        Trout: How was I to know? They came into the country illegally. Would a formal apology help clear the air?
        Drummer: No, killing you would help clear the air!

    • NOTES (1)

      • Clips from other episodes Flashback One:
        As the plane goes down, Flying out of Iraq ("Genesis")
        Flashback Two: As they revive Margo, Matt and Margo kissing ("When the Hammer Falls")
        Flashback Three: When Trout is looking for Drummer, SoF Team breaks Drummer out of Federal custody ("La Mano Negra")
        Flashback Four: As Drummer holds Trout in a joint lock, Drummer and Matt running from an explosion ("La Mano Negra")
        Flashback Five: When Trout tells Drummer Matt needs help, Matt saves Drummer's life in Colombia ("La Mano Negra")
        Flashback Six Montage: When Matt tells Chance to fight, Chance vs Colombians ("La Mano Negra"), Chance vs Haitians ("Power Corrupts"), Chance vs Sierra Leone soldiers ("Missing in Action"), Chance vs Pit Fighter ("Power Corrupts")
        Flashback Seven: As Drummer has Nicaraguan in a choke hold, Matt tells Drummer not to kill Colombian ("La Mano Negra")
        Flashback Eight Montage: When Trout tells Drummer he feels responsible for the team, Trout recruits Matt ("Genesis"), Trout hiring Matt to go after Humphries ("Power Corrupts"), Trout hires Matt to look after whiz kid Fillmore ("Alpha Dogs"), Trout hires Matt to go after group with Serin gas ("Top Event"), Trout sends Matt to Sierra Leone ("Missing in Action"), Trout sends them to rescue his daughter from Chile ("Collateral Damage")
        Flashback Nine: Chance and CJ talk about the past, Chance, CJ, and Benny Ray in Iran ("For Love or Money")
        Flashback Ten: Matt and Margo reminisce, Margo in Iran ("For Love or Money")
        Flashback Eleven: Matt and Benny Ray remember Bosnia, Firefight in Bosnia ("Broken Play")

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