Special Ops Force

Season 1 Episode 9

Missing in Action

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1997 on



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    • Margo: (looking at Karenga's diamonds) I'm surrounded by my best friends.

    • Matt: Where's the diamonds?
      Hapless Guard: Building six, room twelve.
      Margo: (putting what looks like an explosive charge on his chest) Touch or move this, and your chest disappears.
      Benny Ray: Oh, she's a real heartbreaker, isn't she?

    • Benny Ray: Righteous as all this stuff looks, sir, do we really need all this crap?
      Matt: Well, we've got forty hours to locate Carlton, get him to safety. We need all the edge we can get.
      Benny Ray: I mean, hell, sir, this isn't even a real gun!
      Matt: The SRT tactical stun dart gun: immobilizes your target's nervous system for thirty minutes. Any damage that's done is only temporary.
      Benny Ray: Now don't that take some of the fun out of it?

    • Larry: (skating next to Margo) Larry Cooper. Do I know you?
      Margo: I don't think so, I'm a very private person.
      Larry: (leering) Hey, you want privacy, you better get a different body.
      Margo: Is that supposed to be a compliment?
      Larry: It is a compliment!
      Margo: Man, I thought men like you only existed in sitcoms.

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