Special Ops Force

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 16, 1998 on



  • Trivia

    • Michaels puts a plastic bag over Frank Broderick's face and then pours water over him. This is the torture technique known as "waterboarding", which causes the victim to feel as if they are drowning. This interrogation technique dates from the Spanish Inquisition, and is favored by some because it leaves no physical marks on the subject.

  • Quotes

    • Claire: So how does this work? Someone pays the price, and you do the job?
      Matt: No, no, it's not about the money. Job's not right, I turn it down.
      Claire: Define 'right'.
      Matt: The opposite of 'wrong'.
      Claire: It's always that black and white?
      Matt: Well, if I squint my eyes real hard, the grays go away.

    • Michaels: Shepherd, if you're an accountant, then I'm the Pope. And if I were the Pope, I'd be performing Last Rites on Frank right now!

    • Matt: What do you got?
      Margo: (trying to digitally enhance an image) The feed from The Silver Star work stations: a face. More enhancement is going to take most of the day.
      Matt: We don't have that kind of time.
      Margo: It's a computer, Matt, I can't get out and push!

    • Benny Ray: (looking at a computer with Margo across the room) Hey guys, come and check this out.
      CJ: Oh, God, man, she's beautiful!
      Chance: Wow!
      Benny Ray: Never seen nothing like her before, have you? (they all laugh)
      Margo: Surfing the net again, Benny Ray?
      Benny Ray: Yeah.
      Chance: Look at that smooth butt!
      CJ: I'd do anything to get my finger on that trigger!
      Benny Ray: I don't know, CJ, she looks like she packs one hell of a punch. (they all laugh)
      Margo: (comes over to then) All right, so who is this fantastic bimbo, huh? (she turns the computer towards her and sees a bolt action rifle onscreen, as the guys laugh)
      Benny Ray: Now that, Margo, is worth coming home to!
      Margo: You're worse than children! (stomps off as they laugh)

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