Special Ops Force

(ended 1999)


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  • Great show

    This was a great show.It delt with our special operation forces and the sacrafices that they make for our safety and freedoms.Too bad it was cancelled I always looked forward to watching it.Lets hope it comes out on dvd.I am glad I taped every episode and watch every once in a while.Its a shame that shows like this are cancelled. I check tv sections of video stores all the time. Also check Amazon.com. There is a movie out and is still avaiable. Also there was a pilot movie out but I havent seen it avaiable.It delt with the commander being kicked out of his Special Forces Unit. Again lets hope it comes out on dvd.
  • This show never got a fair shake and was prematurely cancelled.

    I discovered this show by accident as it was on in my area at three in the morning on a Saturday night. I was immediately hooked and became an instant fan. The chemistry of the actors involved, the strength of the writing, and the painstaking care of the crew to keep parts of the story real made this better than 99 percent of the shows on TV. I became hungry for more episodes and I had the fortune to tape six of the episodes before the show was suddenly and brutally cancelled. I didn't get on the net until a year after the show was cancelled, and by then the show's production company had gone defunct with it's website sold. I went on a search and could find only the two eps available on amazon. Being former military, I recognized the types of people on the show and made me wish I could be in the same line of work as the characters on the show. Right now CBS has a related show (The Unit), but The Unit is like a kid's version of Hamlet as compared to Hamlet performed by longtime proffesionals. Thank God most of the actors have gone on to other work (deservedly so) but it has to be disheartening for them to go from a top notch show to the crap out there today. Oh well, it was a great two months.