Special Ops Force - Season 1

(ended 1999)


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  • Top Event
    Top Event
    Episode 20
    A terrorist group spray sarin gas on a number of migrant farm workers to show the government that they have the means, and the mind, to kill using the gas. They then threaten to do so again in an area with a larger population unless certain prisoners are released. The Soldier of Fortune team is called in to find out their target and stop them before they can carry out their threats.moreless
  • Payback
    Episode 19
    Matt gets a call comes which makes to him get the team up and ready for action immediately. A friend of his, an ex-DEA agent, has been kidnapped and a ransom of $3 million demanded. The team will have to use all their expertise to find out where the hostage is being kept, who has taken him, and why, and then effect a rescue.moreless
  • Double-Edged Sword
    Double-Edged Sword
    Episode 18
    The federal authorities capture a former high ranking KGB operative named Kondrashin as he enters America and put him in a maximum security prison until he can be put on trial for espionage. Trout tells Matt that if he is sentenced to stay in prison the Russians will retaliate upon American spies in Russia. Trout wants the team to break him out, but it's a mission that could see them all being tried for treason and spending the next 25 years to life behind bars themselves if they are caught by the ambitious FBI Agent who arrested Kondrashin in the first place.moreless
  • Tight Spot
    Tight Spot
    Episode 17
    Matt an Margo go missing in North Korea near the Chinese/Russian border after going there to escort a man tasked by the UN to determine whether the people of the country were in need of famine relief. Shortly thereafter, the UN man is found dead, and Trout sends CJ, Chance and Benny Ray to bring back their friends, who are being tortured and held prisoner by the North Koreans.moreless
  • Scorned
    Episode 16
    A computer chip that can solve any encryption process possible is on the market to a few select buyers, and the man selling it has also hired an assassin to take out an unknown target. The team needs to recover the chip, find out who the assassin is targeting is and watch their own backs, because Trout believes that the assassin, known as Raptor, has gotten a hold of all their files from a NSA man found murdered. Could this be because he is after one of the team or possibly even Trout himself?moreless
  • Apres Vu (2)
    Apres Vu (2)
    Episode 15
    While Shepherd is in hospital recovering from his wounds the rest of the team have to decide what they want to do about Chava Herrera, the man who played them for fools and almost got Matt killed. Their intel shows that he has returned to Mexico and has restarted his drug operations. The team decides that they are not going to let him get away with what he did to them and make plans to go back to his base and deal with him properly this time, but Trout freezes their assets to try and stop them. Can they come up with a plan that can work on a shoestring budget, or is it the end of the Soldier of Fortune team?moreless
  • Deja Vu (1)
    Deja Vu (1)
    Episode 14
    Chava Herrera, one of the top men in a Mexican drug cartel, is captured and imprisoned by the American government. He agrees to testify against his fellow cartel members until they kidnap his daughter. The SOF team find out where she is being held and go in to rescue her. But the intel they were given by Trout turns out to be wrong, and everything goes pear shaped. They get away, but not without a cost. Shepherd relives the battle over and over again, seeing his team go down one by one, but in the end, it's the Major who's in critical condition.moreless
  • Hired Guns
    Hired Guns
    Episode 13
    When a warlord ousts the legitimate government of a small African Island nation, representatives of the former regime ask Shepherd to take his team in and stage a 'reverse coup' for them. Taking on a whole army, in a country where they can gain no intelligence, is a big risk and would be extremely difficult. If they manage it, though the government will pay them a fee of $10 million, a fee that is more than enough to persuade Chance and CJ that it is worth attempting.moreless
  • Surgical Strike
    Surgical Strike
    Episode 12
    A civilian airplane goes down over France with a large number of American citizens on board. It is reported as an accident but it was actually shot down by an anti-aircraft missile. The American government believes that it is the work of Libyan terrorists and want to show them that this sort action will no go unpunished. They cannot take any overt form of action though so the SOF team is brought in: they're the perfect people to disavow if everything goes wrong.

    Matt has to get the team to work out a way to get into Tripoli, find the main munitions plant there and then use lasers to guide two missiles, fired from British jets, onto the target. Aware that CJ's brother died after being tortured in a Libyan jail, Matt tells CJ that he's riding the bench on this op. But when the chips are down, it's CJ to the rescue, who learns that maybe all Libyans aren't the enemy!moreless
  • When the Hammer Falls
    A new super weapon, called a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), is stolen. This weapon can fire a beam that will not only pierce any armor presently available like butter, but also creates an electromagentic pulse that shuts down electronics, including cars, planes and watches. Matt has to go undercover in Germany as prearranged buyer, an undercover CIA Agent who was killed by a rival buyer. But to make things more interesting, he learns that he was supposed to bring his wife to the meet, and without her, there's no deal!moreless
  • Last Chance
    Last Chance
    Episode 10
    After successfully getting hold of some damaging pictures in a mission in Nicaragua, the team's plane is shot down. They crash land in the jungle, and with Chance badly injured they think back to past missions while they wait for Trout's rescue team, consisting of only an old friend and Trout, to find them, while the Nicaraguan forces close in on them.moreless
  • Missing in Action
    Missing in Action
    Episode 9
    A missionary, who is in reality the CIA's top man in Western Africa, is captured in Sierra Leone. He is held prisoner by Joseph Karenga, the sworn enemy of Sierra Leone's legitimate government and is determined to learn who the CIA already have in place amongst his people. But they soon discover that saving Carlton won't be enough to stop Karenga from taking the government down, and it's up to them to keep that from happening.moreless
  • La Mano Negra
    La Mano Negra
    Episode 8
    Contaminated cocaine has been killing users in America, and the latest victim is the daughter of the Director of the CIA. To help out the CIA, Trout arranges for the SOF team to go in and stop the cocaine at its' source. To find drug lord they will need help, but only one man knows how find the base, and to get his assistance the team will need effect his release from Federal custody.moreless
  • Collateral Damage
    Collateral Damage
    Episode 7
    Shining Path rebels attack the private residence of the French ambassador in Chile, taking a number of hostages, one of whom is the daughter of Xavier Trout. Not only does he want the team to go in and rescue her, but he also insists on going into the field with them.moreless
  • Broken Play
    Broken Play
    Episode 6
    A Bosnian general, wanted by the UN for war crimes, is planning to assault the capital city. Trout wants the team to go in and find him so that the United Nations can take him out of the picture.

     The team splits up, with Shepherd, Benny Ray and CJ dropping into the field to see if can locate him at his last known position, while Margo and Chance try to buy his location from a old but not completely trustworthy associate of Margo's.moreless
  • Alpha Dogs
    Alpha Dogs
    Episode 5
    Jacob Fillmore, a computer genius working on an important project for the DOD, is nearly killed when a bomb under his car explodes. Trout wants the team to protect Fillmore, acting as his bodyguards whether he wants them to or not. But the mercenaries gunning for Fillmore have a very personal reason for wanting him dead, and are willing to do whatever it takes to do it, including killing anyone standing between them and their target.moreless
  • For Love or Money
    For Love or Money
    Episode 4
    The Iranian government has gotten hold of the technology to print near perfect counterfeits of American currency, and are using it to bankroll terrorist activities around the world. Shepherd and his team are asked to go into Iran, find out where it is being made and then destroy the facility and the machinery being used.moreless
  • Over the Wire
    Over the Wire
    Episode 3
    The Soldier of Fortune team is called on to infiltrate Cuba when a rogue CIA Agent inside Cuba gives a Marine sniper false orders to assassinate Fidel Castro. Will the team be able to stop him and the accompanying international incident without having to kill one of their fellow soldiers?
  • Power Corrupts
    Power Corrupts
    Episode 2
    Al Humphries, a former Delta Force Captain, has gone renegade while working for the UN in Haiti. He discovered that he could wield almost unlimited power by using his knowledge and skills to control the local police force, and when the UN pulls out, he successfully implements his plan.

    Trout wants the team to go to Haiti and stop Humphries any way they can. But Matt was once friends with Humphries, and demands that his team make every effort to take Humphries down without taking him out, even when it endangers himself and his team.moreless
  • Genesis
    Episode 1
    Major Matthew Quentin Shepherd is forced to retire from the army after disobeying an order from his superior officers to abandon his men in Bosnia, and is left wondering what to do with the rest of his life. But before he settles into life as a civilian, he's recruited by an old friend and colleague. He asks Matt form a team of mercenaries able to complete missions that need to be kept secret, deniable and on occasion, extralegall.

    Shepherd agrees as long as he can pick his own team of operatives. He gathers together a unit of old friends and allies, people he knows he can trust when the chips are down.

    In their first mission, their job is to rescue four US servicemen who were shot down and captured by the Iraqi military.moreless