Special Ops Force - Season 2

(ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Reasonable Doubts
    Reasonable Doubts
    Episode 17
    A high level mole in the Pentagon has been passing on top secret info and compromising missions. There is evidence pointing to Trout, so he need the team's help to clear his name and discover who the real mole is. They manage to capture a woman who could be the real mole, but she tells Shepherd and the rest that Trout has been using them for his own agenda, not on government authorized missions, and the team is divided over whom to believe. Could this be the end of the Special Ops Force?moreless
  • The Vestige
    The Vestige
    Episode 16
    After a couple of US government satellites go down over the Amazon, NASA send in a team of techs to investigate and find what is causing the failures. But then contact is lost with the techs as well, so it's up to the SOF team to find out what, or who the problem is.moreless
  • White Dragon
    White Dragon
    Episode 15
    A top Chinese agent, known only as the White Dragon, breaks into a French laboratory and steals a top secret serum that can cause heart attacks and remain undetected. Fingerprints of the White Dragon lifted from the scene of the crime seem to be those of Matt's father, reported as missing in action for many years. The SOF team are sent in to recover the serum and capture the White Dragon, but can Matt really bring his father to justice?moreless
  • Welcome to Bent Copper
    Matt, Margo, Benny Ray, and Nick plan a little R&R with some white water rafting. On the way there the car breaks down and they have to limp their way to a nearby town, Bent Copper, Colorado. They find a garage, with an extremely helpful attendant/mechanic, and while waiting for his diagnosis they decide to take a look around the place. However, their first impression of the place is that something is very wrong there. The team isn't sure what, exactly, or even why they have this feeling, but they decide to trust their instincts and investigate.moreless
  • Critical List
    Critical List
    Episode 13
    The team's mission to the Transpacific Oil Refinery in Detroit, looking for proof of the company's illegal activities, goes terribly wrong. Benny Ray and Margo are both badly injured and end up in a local hospital. Then the FBI and the NSC arrive on the scene and start investigating what they believe to be a couple of foreign spies trying to gain classified information on government contractors. Matt and Nick have to get their friends out of the hospital before they are discovered to be American operatives and the oil company realizes that its activities are under scrutiny.moreless
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd
    Margo and Matt visit Margo's brother, John, at a religious conference he is attending in Los Angeles. While they are there Matt spots some unusual jobs being completed by the security personnel. As he tells Margo what he has seen his fears are confirmed by the sudden announcement that the conference has been taken over by terrorists. In an unusual turn of events the leader of the terrorists demands that the American government deliver 20 million tons of wheat to the starving nations of the Third World. This gets not only the majority of the hostages on their side, for their aims if not their methods, but also a lot of the press outside. Matt doesn't trust them though and wonders what they are really after.moreless
  • Figure Eight
    Figure Eight
    Episode 11
    Algerian terrorists are blowing up CIA facilities in France using explosives that haven't been available for many years, which echoes back into Margo's past as a CIA agent. This includes a former lover of hers, an arms dealer recently released from prison after being sent there by Margo eight years earlier. To find him, and reconnect with him, Margo has to go back undercover as his lover and a fellow arms dealer, just as she did all those years ago, and hope that he doesn't realize that she was responsible for his arrest and imprisonment.moreless
  • Tethered Goat
    Tethered Goat
    Episode 10
    Katrina Herrera (see "Deja Vu" & "Apres Vu") is released from prison with the case against her dropped due to lack of evidence. She wants revenge on the SOF team for what they did to her and her father, and the first member of the team she goes after is Benny Ray. She kidnaps his son to draw him into a trap, and though Matt argues that they should be careful and not rush into things, Benny Ray lets his emotions get the better of him and insists on going it alone, if need be.moreless
  • Charade
    Episode 9
    A seemingly ordinary couple are killed while on the way to the airport. But Trout's people, who had just discovered a connection between the Jensens and terrorists and arms dealers, were tailing them. Trout asks Margo and Matt to go undercover as the Jensens to find out who they really were, and more importantly, who hired them, and why. But this doesn't come without a paying a personal price by Margo, who had made plans to get away with the man in her life.moreless
  • Hide and Seek
    Hide and Seek
    Episode 8
    The US intelligence community thinks hat they have finally discovered the secret identity of the notorious terrorist Gabriel. Matt and his team head out to Switzerland to start a surveillance operation on Johann Miller, their suspect. Their mission orders are not only to determine if he is indeed Gabriel, but also to discover is current agenda so that they can neutralize him.moreless
  • Iraq and Roll
    Iraq and Roll
    Episode 7
    What seems at first like a simple mission to find and extract a target is hampered by two facts. The first is that the man they have to rescue is the nephew of Saddam Hussein, and the second being that he is in Iraqi custody inside their UN Mission in New York City. But there are further complications. Nick is bothered about returning to New York for some reason, but he refuses to tell the team why.moreless
  • Trade Off
    Trade Off
    Episode 6
    A trade of prisoners between Libya and America is arranged to take place in Iceland. En route to Reykjavik the three Libyan prisoners manage to escape their bonds and force the plane to crash land in Maine. Trout wants the team to not only find the Libyans at large in the mountains of Maine, but also to do so within a couple of hours and to bring them back alive so that the trade can still take place.moreless
  • A Walk in the Park
    A Walk in the Park
    Episode 5
    Margo goes on a solo mission to Berlin for Trout, delivering money to an agent in exchange for a list of names that she says the American Government will be interested in knowing. After an aborted attempt at making the exchange, her contact is found dead and soon Margo is in the hands of the German police being questioned for murder. The rest of the team head straight for Berlin to help free her and find out why the local American Consulate is uninterested in aiding her.moreless
  • Party Girl
    Party Girl
    Episode 4
    The team's best friend in the Senate, Senator Stanford Parks, comes to Trout and tells him that his daughter has gone missing. She was last seen leaving a club in the company of Alex Vargas, the son of a big time drug lord in Columbia, and he is well known to like to take his ladies back home with him. Margo goes in undercover to get into Vargas' house to find the girl so that the team can bring her back. Meanwhile, Sherri has seen something she shouldn't have and her life is in grave danger.moreless
  • Spyder's Web
    Spyder's Web
    Episode 3
    In Rumansk a struggle for control of the country leads to the assassination of the defense minister and the kidnapping of his mistress. Roxanne Mitchell is more than just his mistress though; she is also an undercover CIA agent who knows Trout's identity. Matt has to lead the team into a foreign country to rescue her, or kill her.moreless
  • Who's Who
    Who's Who
    Episode 2
    Miguel Santiago, the no. 2 in a big arms dealing organization and now in prison, agrees to sell out his boss and testify against him, causing his boss puts a $5 million dollar bounty on his head. There are rumors that some in the US Marshall service may be interested in collecting this bounty, so Trout assigns the team to protecting Miguel, whether he wants their protection or not.moreless
  • Wild Card
    Wild Card
    Episode 1
    After Trout is left a cryptic message about the death of Colonel Earl Swanson, the three active members of the SOF team (Matt, Marge & Benny Ray) are asked to conduct an unofficial investigation into his murder. The team then find themselves put in danger by one of Trout's former operatives, someone that they suspect may have gone rogue. But when they're forced by circumstances to work together, they discover that they have more in common than they thought, and a new team is born.moreless