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  • Burned bright like a super nova

    This was without a doubt one of the funniest shows on TV .Good campy Science Fiction/comedy/pop. culture/some suspense with a super cast and the wittiest sarcasm. It lasted so briefly but sometimes if shows run for more seasons they lose their UMPH. This show left us hanging at the end and provided tons of laughs in between. A great stress reliever. :)
  • Special unit 2

    It was a great show and i just to watch it when it aired, although it was a couple of years ago and i was guite small back then, but it was still worth staying up till midnight during school weeks, just to watch this show !

    Does anybody know where I can buy series 1 and series 2 ?

    My daughter and I used to watch this show, it was awesom. We are so disappointed that it did not continue with more season/episodes. Bring it Back.......
  • Awesome show

    just started watching it a few weeks ago and it is truly amazing ive watched almost every episode and loved it. i was shocked that only 2 seasons were ever made they should so bring it back :)
  • special unit 2

    bring it back we love it.
  • Gulity canceled pleasure!

    This is a great show!! The special effects may be a bit lame and cheesy, but all in all the show was really funny and original. It's about the missing link in the theory of evolution. It deals with creatures such as gnomes, medusa, cupid and other myths like that, which apparently exist. The show revolves around a team who work for special unit 2, a secret organization designed to deal with these creatures. The special unit 2 team is made up of researchs and scientists, and even a gnome. Detectives Nick O'Malley and Kate Benson are the real valuables in the operation. They're the ones who do all the work, try and capture links, and provide theories in the cases. Carl, the gnome helps, and he's a great comedic addition to the show. This is a unique funny show, and it worth checking out. It's not on DVD (hopefully soon!) but reruns are often showed on the SCI FI channel.
  • "Special Unit 2" (SP2) is one of those guilty pleasures that you hide from others.

    "Special Unit 2" (SP2) is one of those guilty pleasures that you hide from others.

    Yes, it is campy and often just plain silly. Is it science fiction? Well yes, the silly type. Often it reminds me of one of the fifties B movies where Abbot and Costello meet the creature from planet X. However, Special Unit 2 is a detective show of sorts. Special detectives seek out monsters, creatures, ghouls, ... etc. which have for some reason descended on Chicago.

    The unit is as eclectic as the story line with characters that are well .... shall we say unique?

    If you have an hour and you don't take your self too seriously, it may be worth a try.
  • One of the truely great ones!

    One of the truely great ones!

    This show is truely great! Its got humor, violence, and stuff blowing up! What else do you need! A hero (Omally) his partner (Kate) tackle all sorts of crazy monster! Omally is awesome! They need to bring it back! Along their mission is Carl the gnome, Jonathan, and the Chief. Against them are Orges, Lizard people, Jinns, and dozens more! This show needs to come back! Please Sci fi put this show on a again! Or even better make a movie!
  • This is a very good show.

    It has all the elements of a B rate move and an 80’s T.V. series. It gives you an entertaining ride without all the computer generated graphics that seem to be flooding the airwaves now days. I relay like the way they use that old fashion sarcasm for laughs instead of just poke fun at me humor. It gives you a certain good time feeling without having to feel like they are putting a lot of work into it just to get you to watch, like the other super popular shows out there. I think this is an awesome show and should really have gotten to stay on for a long time.
  • This is the second greatest show I've ever seen, the X-Files being the best show.

    This is the best tv show I've seen in way too long....at least since X-Files, and I own every episode ever produced (yes, I'm really that much of a fan.). I loved the characters, particularly O'Malley, since I am already so much like him. The gnome was also great...The way he never shut up was one of the great things about the show. The mythological creatures introduced are also interesting because many of them either are or are based off of mythological creatures that you would only know if you did extensive reasearch into that field. The show was highly entertaining to the part of our population that had a fondness for dark humor.
  • Great premise, good special effects, poor acting and story.

    I watched this for the first time on the Sci-Fi channel friday night. I expect more from Sci-Fi than having re-runs of a second rate show in the prime Friday night slot. This is what displaced Battlestar Galactica?

    This show could easily have been interesting and funny. The opportunities for gags abounded in the pilot episode. I watched diligently, wanting to be enthralled but found myself disinterested instead. The acting seemed forced and the timing was all wrong. I felt the jokes were soo obvious they weren't funny. It looked like it was supposed to be a comedy but if you have to make the jokes that obvious, you don't think much of your audience.

    I watched the next two episodes as well but found that they were just as bad. I would much rather watch Torchwood.
  • Poster child for killing off bad series early and often!

    Without a single original thought, character, or plot, SU2 manages to waste an hour of your time by trying to convince us that the boogie man is real.

    In truth, the only horror is the terrible acting, lame plots, and totally unbelievable characters (though I will say that the creature make-up is good) - - it goes without saying that if the creature characters are more realistic than their human counterparts, then it is truly sad for the director!

    In the premiere episode, which aired, recently, on the Sci-Fi channel, a Chicago policewoman is taken off-duty for reporting that a bizarre creature kidnapped a child, and that a strange man shot and destroyed another creature with a strange weapon. She soon finds herself in league with "Special Unit 2", which is sort of like "Men in Black", but Earthbound. The head man for SU2 tells the woman that she has not been imagining things, and that superstrong, stone-like, gargoyles are about to hatch and devour the human race. When we finally get to see the rookery, it turns out to have only a few eggs (I guess they had to save what little budget they had).

    I'm sure that the creators wanted a show that spanned all genres, including comedy and sci-fi, but when they state that vampires don't exist, they immediately alienate (no pun intended) fans of shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" and any other Goth/mystery/horror-based show.

    For me, the only truly horrific parts were seeing the leader of SU2 smoke a cigarette (bad enough), snuff it out on the floor, and kick it to a tentacled creature hidden behind a fenced-off area, that they can't kill, but is, apparently, otherwise harmless; and one of the SU2 agents is seen driving without a seat belt in one scene, and then with it in another (make up your mind!); and that same agent battles against a seemingly indestructible gargoyle (why is it that all humans in such shows seem to have infinite reserves of energy to battle demons that should be able to pummel us in seconds flat?).

    Unless you have a desperate need to laugh and scoff at this incredibly bad series, I recommend staying as far from it as possible! And don't worry . . . it won't be coming to a theatre (or your nightmares!) anytime, soon!
  • It is like a cross between buffy, x-files and the Triumph the insult comic dog.

    It is like a cross between buffy, x-files and Triumph the insult comic dog. What's there not to like? I like how the good bad cap cliche is presented. The rant between characters always makes me laugh.
    And one of my favourite moments are when Carl enters the stage. I just do not know why it stoped. maybe one day i will know. Characters are neerly comicly presented, well form to good to me true Kate to "Blow up first, laught maniacaly later" Nick. Well and clepto gnome? Priceless. It was one of my favourite shows. luckyly the show will be shown in Poland, again. So i will see My favourite team on the screen. Pity no more then fandfull of episodes were shoot.
  • X-Files with a wackier attitude.

    UPN was looking, rather late in the game, to latch onto the 'X-files' audience, and came up with this -- wherein the central characters, rather than shadow-boxing with the paranormal, wallowed in it -- it wasn't ambiguous if magical or mythical creatures existed -- they did, and many of them got blowed-up, to a hipper soundtrack and a more action-movie sort of buddy-dialogue. Gone in a slightly different direction (that is, without the cop-angle), this sort of show wound up as "The Chronicle", or "Dead Last" (both of which had their place and were, like this, cancelled too quickly), or "Supernatural". It could have been awful, and it occasionally was (the 'fat monster' episode, for instance), but in general the quirky, interesting characters were exactly that: Carl, in particular -- could have been one-dimensional, but wasn't, and the nerd-scientist-who-moves-the-plot-along wasn't too heavy-handed; the "Captain Doby"-esque commander was just psycho-marine enough to keep things in check -- not overdone, and so on. Through it all, the by-play between the two characters was good, and was generally well-played. Good dialogue, good background weirdness (for instance in a nod to "Man from UNCLE", SU2 is beneath a laundry), fun characters, and a fast-moving series of stories about things that go bump in the night. Good fun!
  • Men In Black Type With A Street Cop Style!

    This is what happens when you fuse Men in Black with a show like The Sheild or N.Y.P.D.

    You get Specail Unit 2. A very romp throught the hidden underworld of New York City. Witht he help of a Trool, A former female Cop, and many other in this crazy funny show!