Special Unit 2

Season 2 Episode 8

The Beast

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2001 on UPN

Episode Recap

At a strip club, one of the women, Kerri is leaving and a meek looking guy hits on her. She turns him down and goes out into the alleyway where she thinks someone is following her. She runs down the street and gets into her car, but drives her purse. She gets out to go back for it and the guy from the club comes up behind her. She tells him to go, gets in the car, and something grabs her from the car roof and kills her.

Kate and Nick arrive at where the victim and her car is taken and Detective David Scott is supervising the case. He notes that the victim was eaten and isn't thrilled to have SU2 take it away from them. Back at HQ, Nick points out that Kate and Scott were interested in each other. Jonathan has verified that an ogre Link killed Kerri and has been killing for six months. they also determine that the ogre is responsible for the Jack the Ripper killings. However, the DNA samples on the victims don't match up with the ogre's previous killings.

Nick decides they should go to the strip clubs and Kate gets her notice that she has to renew her handgun qualifications. Meanwhile Carl is dealing with a girlfriend he met on-line, Amanda, and he's seriously in love with her. Meanwhile the partners arrive at a strip club and Nick asks around for a set of twins. He sets up a lap dance with them and it turns out they're scavenger Links and one of them always lies and the other always tells the truth. They eventually cipher which is which but the sisters can't tell them anything and they take them in.

At her qualification test, Scott meets with Kate and they flirt. Meanwhile at the strip club another stripper leaves with a friend but they hear something lurking outside. They leave safely, but the remaining stripper in the club is killed.

Kate visits Scott home where he's upset that another killing took place. It turns out he's a photographer who takes pictures, and admits he wonders if the killer is inhuman. Kate is upset that she can't tell him the truth about strange happenings.

Back at HQ, Carl is nervous about meeting with Amanda and admits to Jonathan that he sent her Nick's picture. The twins don't have anything to offer so they set up Kate as bait, and she goes to the twins for stripping advice in return for t-bones. Later Kate hangs out on a corner trying to pick up guys while the gang hang out in a surveillance fan. She thinks she sees something down a side street and goes to check it out. She finds Scott in the alleyway, but when she grabs him he transforms into the ogre. Nick goes in but finds nothing but a missing gun and an escape route through a wall.

SU2 tries to seal down the city while Jonathan notes that this is the first time no body was left behind. Meanwhile Scott has locked up Kate in his basement and is taking injections to control his instincts. He admits he's tried to control it and despises what he is, but he's becoming immune to the serum he uses to maintain his humanity. He believes he's close to a permanent solution but in an hour he'll have to feed again, and he can't let her loose because she'll turn him in or kill him.

Nick gets a lead on the killer's location from a soil sample Scott collected and goes to check it out, while Scott goes to police headquarters and steals the steroids he needs for his cure. As he leaves, Nick finds him and asks him for info on the report, then wonders what he's doing there. Scott spins him a story and then starts to feel pains from his transformation. Nick leaves and Scott gets back to his lair just as Kate gets the cell door open. She fakes being locked in while Scott prepares his cure. She makes a break for it but Scott transforms and she tries to barricade herself in the cell.

At HQ, Nick is going over Scott's reports when Carl tries to ask him for advice without much luck. Nick wonders about the discrepancies in Scott's story and notices he has an earring from an earlier photo. While Kate fights for her life, Nick notices that Scott is wearing an earring similar to one in a Jack the Ripper picture, and that it was in the stomach of one of the twins.

The Ogre starts to bust into the cell as Nick arrives, realizing Scott has been planting fake soil samples. Kate tries to appeal to Scott's human nature as he grabs her, and he lets her go. He transforms back and forth from human to ogre, then comes after her again. Nick finds the secret trapdoor to the basement, then busts in just in time to kill Scott. As he dies, the serum kicks in and reverts Scott to human.

Later, Carl talks about his date and reveals that Amanda was a gnome, and he had to dump her. Nick talks to Kate about how she finally met a man for her but he's a killer, and Nick reassures her.
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