Special Unit 2

Season 1 Episode 1

The Brothers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2001 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • When Nick is holding the pipe and the gargoyle reaches out and bends it one-handed, that should have only worked if Nick were also that strong to hold onto it.

    • When Sean is explaining about why gargoyles festoon European churches, the 'unexplained disappearances' graphic behind him changes before he points the remote at the display to begin what looks like a Powerpoint presentation about churches and pictures of missing people.

    • Trivia: The convenience store clerk will be seen again as a motel manager in "the Skin".

    • Trivia: When Carl and Nick are fighting, Carl always gets in the last punch.

  • Quotes

    • Kate: You enjoyed killing that thing, saving my life was secondary. (Nick smirks) Okay,you're supposed to disagree with that.

    • Nick: You know it's probably hard to believe, but no one has ever saved my life before.
      Kate: Oh, no. I believe it.

    • Carl: Hey, O'Malley, step on it. I've got a love appointment to make.
      Kate: I wouldn't push my luck, Carl.
      Carl: I hear you. I'll just tell O'Malley's mom that it was him who made me late.

    • Little Brother: I have rights.
      Nick: Humans rights. You have a… horn.

    • Nick: I think I've got it.
      Kate: What, besides a case of homicidal mania?

    • Nick: Except for one place the ratio is worse. Word on the street is Carl doesn't pack much trouser luggage.
      Carl: Hey, I scare the ladies.
      Nick: Yeah, just not how you think.

    • Kate: Do you know who to talk to?
      Nick: Yes.
      Kate: Does it involve violence?
      Nick: We can only hope.

    • Page: We can't figure out how to kill that thing, so we keep it around for garbage disposal… and recruits who don't make the grade. (pause) That's a joke, Benson.

    • Nick: Look, why don't you just check my wallet?
      Kate: (looks at his ID) This is fake... no it's not. Chicago Police Department. Officer Nicholas O'Malley. Special Unit Two. What did I see? What was that thing? What is going on here? (Puts wallet back in Nick's pocket)
      Nick: You'll find out when I take you to the station house... If and when you take your hand off my ass.
      Kate: (pulls her hand away fast) Sorry.

    • Kate: (As Nick strangles Carl) Would you let go of his neck? He can't breath.
      Nick: That's the whole point!

    • Nick: Remember, guns don't kill people--gargoyles do.

  • Notes

    • Music: Perfect Now (Ashley Parker Angel, playing as Kate leaves the room after being suspended)

    • Captain Page tells Kate that all myths and stories of monsters are based on actual creatures, except vampires, which are total fiction. This is the first of many pokes on UPN's horror show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • Carl (Danny) really did punch Nick (Michael) in the nose while they were filming the fight scene in the car.

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