Special Unit 2

Season 1 Episode 4

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Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2001 on UPN
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The Web
Spider man, spider man...only this time it's women. Kate and Nick must track down and terminate an infestation of spider-women who find Chicago's single men a delicacy. It gets even stickier when Nick takes a personal interest in protecting the only witness in the case.

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    Michael Landes

    Michael Landes

    Detective Nicholas "Nick" O'Malley

    Richard Gant

    Richard Gant

    Captain Richard Page

    Alexondra Lee

    Alexondra Lee

    Detective Kate Benson

    Danny Woodburn

    Danny Woodburn

    Carl, the Gnome

    Sean Whalen

    Sean Whalen

    Sean Redmon (season 1)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Captain Page: ... and you can point that out at the next Special Unit national convention.
        The captain reveals that links exist in other cities (previously, it had been implied that links all gravitated to Chicago), and that there is an SU2-like unit in NYC (and probably elsewhere) as well.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Alice: (going through Nick's music collection) I found a few things that aren't completely loud and angry.
        Nick: Well someone must have broken in and put them there.

      • Carl: Benson and O'Malley need me to do a job. And after that I have a date with destiny.
        Sean: Destiny?
        Carl: Yeah, she works the midnight to three shift at "Girls Girls Girls."

      • Carl: Since joining Special Unit 2, you ever take a step back and realize "You're out here on a stakeout with a gnome." That it's kind of ridiculous.
        Kate: Sometimes, yeah. Why do you ask?
        Carl: Because that's how I feel when I'm on a stakeout with a human.
        Kate: Thanks, Carl.
        Carl: I'm saying, it's all relative.

      • Nick: Say thank you.
        Male Victim #1: For what?
        (slugs him)
        Nick: Saving your life.

      • Nick: Would you get back in the car?
        Carl: Try asking nicely.
        Nick: Please get back in the car or I'll beat you senseless.
        Carl: We wouldn't want you reak a sweat, now would we?

      • Kate: What are you two so happy about?
        Nick: What? We just saved some guys' lives, killed some vicious murdering Links, and blew up something big. I'd call that a pretty good night!

      • Carl: Red ammo kicks ass!

      • Kate: Did you see the way she picked up that guy. It looked like she didn't even say anything to him.
        Carl: It's body language.
        Kate: She barely even nodded.
        Carl: That's just body.

      • Nick: I'm getting closer. I'm gonna take her.
        Kate: What if she recognizes you? People might get hurt.
        Carl: That would be a bonus for O'Malley.

      • Dr. Handal: There is nothing that you can say that is gonna make me change my mind.
        Nick: Oh, I was finished talking. (Pulls out his anti-link gun, powers it up.)
        Dr. Handal: You wouldn't dare.
        Kate: Oh, he would very much dare.

      • Kate: The weird thing is, she seems kind of normal... for you.
        Nick: You're right. And now that you point that out, I'm completely uninterested.

      • Carl: What are you doing?
        Sean: Researching.
        Carl: (unimpressed) Uh-huh.
        Sean: Hey! These games all have common mythological elements that relate to my work with Links.
        Carl: Put the shovel away, Sean. I'm not one of the suits.

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