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Elvis interviewed/conversed with Elton John for most of the show. They reminisced about great singers, piano players and performers they knew or played with. Elton talked a great deal about his idols and influences. The conversation was remarkably informative. Musical highlights included Elvis Costello opening the show with the Elton John tune Border Song, Elton at the piano demonstrating various piano techniques (Leon Russell, Laura Nyro, etc.), and the two of them performing a duet of a David Ackles song called Down River. In addition there were various clips of musicians they discussed, Elvis, his band and Elton jamming on Working In The Coal Mine, a song co-written by the great Allen Toussaint, who currently is a keyboard player in Elvis's band. The end titles have Elvis and his band performing Elton John's Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun.moreless
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