Speed Buggy

CBS (ended 1974)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Captain Scheemo and the Underwater City
      With a break in their racing schedule, Speedy and the gang take an island vacation and go fishing out to sea. When a marlin pulls them further out, they make it to a remote island that turns out to be artificial as it brings them down to an underwater city that's run by Captain Scheemo who has a fleet of special submarines at his bidding in hope of becoming master of the oceans and ruling the world. Can the gang stop the pirate's plans?moreless
    • The Hidden Valley of Amazonia
      While racing in the Himalayas 500, the gang come across the hidden valley of Amazonia where women rule and men are slaves. Queen Sheba controls them with a mind ruler, which she uses on Mark and Tinker as she tempts Debbie to join her league of Amazons in her plot to rule the whole world with a giant version of the mind ruler which can control anybody unless Debbie can think fast and put her plans out of commission.moreless
    • Oil's Well That Ends Well
      In Oaklahoma, Speed Buggy and the gang learn the state's oil supply is running very low. Investigating the disappearance, they find an underground city with large storage tanks and meet the dreaded Dr. Vesuvio, who seeks to steal all the world's oil in an effort to be its supreme ruler. Can Speedy and the gang stop his evil plans and restore the world's oil supply?moreless
    • Secret Safari
      Secret Safari
      Episode 13
      While at the Nawambi Speedway in Africa, the evil scientist Varzak and his assistant Emil steal a museum's special diamond large enough that can power his invention, the Laser-Blazer which he hopes to use to rule the world. After seeing Speed Buggy at the Speedway, they get the idea to use him to avoid the police roadblocks so they can get to his secret laboratory by inviting the gang on a fake safari in hopes of stealing Speedy away. When the gang get wise to his plans, they set out to stop him from using his Laser-Blazer.moreless
    • The Incredible Changing Man
      While participating in the U.S.-Mexico Cross Country Race, Speed Buggy and the gang run into Jerick, the Incredible Changing Man, who has the ability to alter his size and form as he seeks a special tape of a physical formula that can enable him to create an army of Incredibles similar to himself. The tape was placed in Speedy's cassette player by a scientist looking to make sure it wouldn't fall into Jerick's hands, but he tracks the gang down and captures them in hope of getting it back. But they're able to turn the tables on him as Tinker is able to make his own version of the changing ray from the tape recording and use it on Speedy to save the day.moreless
    • The Ringmaster
      The Ringmaster
      Episode 11
      While racing in the Bayou 500, Speed Buggy and the gang wind up on Pleasure Island, which is occupied by an evil circus ringmaster who has a special mini-calliope that enables him to control animals in his quest to rule the world.
    • Soundmaster
      Episode 10
      Speed Buggy and the gang are wrongly accused of stealing an advanced battery called the K-233 Supercell as a result of the dreaded Dr. Ohm and his assitant Panku using a replica of Speedy and robbing the armored car shipping the supercell. Instead of turning themselves in, they decide to track down the culprits, eventually locating Dr. Ohm with the fake Speed Buggy. They sneak in and travel aboard his airplane to his secret hideout located at Lost Mountain. There, the evil scientist tests his invention, the Soundmaster, which with the supercell, can destroy even the largest objects with sound. To prove its power to the world, Dr. Ohm plans to use his invention on Mount Rushmore. Can the Speed Bugs escape his clutches and thwart his diabolical plot?moreless
    • Island of the Giant Plants
      During an ocean cruise, Speed Buggy and the gang fall overboard while heading to the South African Grand Prix. They make it to a remote island where they find unusual mutant plants created by Dr. Meangreen with his assistant Krelb. Meangreen decides to steal Speedy's remote control in an effort to use his mutant plants to take over the world. Will the gang be able to survive the scientist's Garden of Evil Weeds and foil Meangreen's plans?moreless
    • Gold Fever
      Gold Fever
      Episode 8
      The gang encounter the villainous megalomaniac Gold Fever in the Hawaiian Islands as he uses a series of special satellites that are capable of stealing gold all over the world, including Speedy's love trophy, which Debbie is holding as she is taken aboard one of the satellites as well. Mark, Tinker, and Speedy follow her to Forbidden Island where Gold Fever's headquarters is located as they go to the rescue and put the villain's plans of stealing the world's gold supply out of commission.moreless
    • Out of Sight
      Out of Sight
      Episode 7
      In Egypt, the gang come to the aid of Professor Rigby, who's fleeing from his evil colleague, Professor Rishna. He tells them that while uncovering an ancient tomb, they discovered a formula for an invisibility potion. Rishna swipes it and uses it on himself hoping to steal various treasures and rule the world. But he learns that Rigby created an antidote to the potion. Rishna, and his assistant, Abdul, want to stop him from using it to thwart their plans. After they kidnap Mark and Debbie, Tinker and Speedy come to the rescue, but not before the whole gang get into a little game of "Now you see 'em, now you don't" as the invisibility potion is passed all around.moreless
    • Professor Snow and Madam Ice
      The gang encounters the very mean Professor Snow and Madame Ice, who take an interest in Speed Buggy. They try to manipulate Tinker into perfecting their FreezeMobiles with his remote control technology in hopes of conquering the world by putting it on ice.
    • Kingzilla
      Episode 5
      While flying over the Andes Mountains en route to the Pan-American Road Rally, the gang experiences plane trouble and is forced to bail out. They wind up in a valley inhabited by giant gorillas, including Kingzilla, who takes a liking to Speed Buggy. The group meets Professor Grovac and his assistant, Karl, who uses them to capture the giant ape in hopes of commanding him and the other gorillas as his personal army in his quest to conquer the nations of the world. Can Speedy and the gang thwart their evil plans?moreless
    • Speed Buggy Falls in Love
      Speed Buggy and the gang are invited to race in Bulgonia. Baron Vulch plants a sophisticated bugging device in his trunk to avoid customs when they fly over there. Vulch creates Mata Cari, a female automobile, with whom Speed Buggy falls in love. But she's really a decoy car operated by Vulch's assistant Pygmo, who tricks him into going to his castle to get the bugging device back. Will the gang get Speed Buggy out of the villains' clutches before the big race?moreless
    • Taggert's Trophy
      Taggert's Trophy
      Episode 3
      Speed Buggy is participating in his latest race when a mysterious zeppelin zaps him and the other cars with a motion-control ray that makes them go haywire. The gang trace the zeppelin to a man known as "The Chief", who turns out to be someone familiar. Can Speedy and company stop him and put his ray out of commission?moreless
    • Speed Buggy's Daring Escapade
      Dr. Kluge is upset with his latest invention (a robot that has allergies!) and gets an idea to get Speed Buggy in order to learn his secrets. He has his assistant Klinker throw as much money as he can to buy Speedy from the gang, but they value his friendship over money. Afterward, Dr. Kluge has Klinker kidnap Speedy late at night while the gang is sleeping. Will they be able to find their friendly car in time before Kluge is able to exploit him?moreless
    • Speed Buggy Went That-A-Way
      On the way to the Riverside Raceway, the gang veers off to visit Debbie's aunt Belle, a cattle rancher. The villainous Beefinger and his henchmen look to rustle up her entire herd and Speed Buggy and the gang have to rescue the cattle and try to drive them to the market as the rustlers try to stop them in their tracks.moreless