Speed Buggy

Season 1 Episode 8

Gold Fever

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 27, 1973 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Mark and Debbie are able to disguise themselves as Gold Fever's henchmen by spraying gold paint on their outfits. Somehow the paint vanishes from their clothes later on before they find themselves nearly captured by two of them.

  • Quotes

    • (Gold Fever shows the gang his evil plans)
      Mark: (reading off a monitor) "World panics as gold vanishes".
      Debbie: Vanish, nothing! It's all here.
      Gold Fever: Precisely! Brought here by my own satellites. But the volcano keeps the superstitious natives at a safe distance. Soon, I shall own every last ounce of gold. And then the world will have to come to me--Gold Fever!
      Debbie: When the police find out, you'll be behind bars. And I don't mean gold ones!
      Gold Fever: Perhaps. But they won't find out from you. (presses a button that drops a dome on top of the gang, then drops them downward)
      Tinker: Hold on, Mr. Gold Fryer!
      Mark: Hey, where are we going?
      Gold Fever: The last stop on your little tour--The dungeon!
      Tinker: Goolllly!

    • (Having Mark and Debbie cornered)
      Henchman #1: Gold Fever wants you.
      Henchman #2: Now!
      Mark: Sorry. We have a previous engagement. (spots Tinker and Speed Buggy levitating, attracted by a satellite)
      Tinker: Anybody need a lift?
      Mark: You know it!
      Debbie: A skylift. (she and Mark grab onto Tinker's legs and escape from the henchmen)

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