Speed Buggy

Season 1 Episode 14

Oil's Well That Ends Well

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 08, 1973 on CBS
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Oil's Well That Ends Well
In Oaklahoma, Speed Buggy and the gang learn the state's oil supply is running very low. Investigating the disappearance, they find an underground city with large storage tanks and meet the dreaded Dr. Vesuvio, who seeks to steal all the world's oil in an effort to be its supreme ruler. Can Speedy and the gang stop his evil plans and restore the world's oil supply?moreless

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    • Tinker: But we don't even know what's down that spooky place, Speedy. And it could be dangerous.
      Speedy: D-D-Dangerous?! (sputters))
      Debbie: You're not afraid, are you, Speedy?
      Speedy: (sputters) Yup! (sputters)
      Debbie: Then I'm going alone.
      Mark: Uh, wait a minute, Deb. We'd better go with you.
      Tinker: Golly! Even when she loses, she wins!

    • Vesuvio: What have you to say for yourselves?
      Debbie: We weren't snooping. We were just, uh, out for a Sunday drive.
      Vesuvio: Today is Saturday!
      Debbie: Oh, well. (Chuckles) You know what they say. Why wait 'til the last minute?
      Trilby: Don't get smart! Dr. Vesuvio's a big man around here--The biggest!
      Mark: He's also the oiliest!
      Tinker: Yeah. He must comb his hair with a dipstick!

    • Tinker: Well, I'll be! How'd you guys escape?
      Debbie: Well, if it isn't our ex-friend!
      Tinker: Golly, don't you understand? It was the only way I could think of to get my hands on this control panel.
      Debbie: Control panel?
      Tinker: Without this, Vesuvio is powerless.
      Speedy: (sputters and chuckles) I-I knew my Tink's no fink. (Chuckles)
      Mark: Good work, Tinker. Now we'd better get out of here as fast as we can.

    • (As the gang escape Vesuvio's underground city)
      Debbie: I think I just made medical history. I'm carsick, seasick, and airsick all at once.

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