Speed Buggy

Season 1 Episode 6

Professor Snow and Madam Ice

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 13, 1973 on CBS



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    • (After they're imprisoned)
      Mark: Hey, how about some lunch?
      Madam Ice: You're in luck. We're having a special today. Bread and ice water. (Laughs)
      Debbie: Oh, terrific.
      Mark: Nice lady, huh?
      Debbie: Oooh! She makes me so mad. (stomps on the floor and a trap door drops them downward)
      Mark: HEY!
      Speedy: (sputters) What happened?
      Debbie: I guess when I blew my top, the room blew its bottom.
      Mark: And we found ourselves a secret tunnel.
      Debbie: So, let's go!
      Speedy: (sputters) Yeah, yeah. Go, go. Vroom!

    • Professor Snow: You will find everything you need to build the remote control unit. And remember, you have exactly one hour--One hour. No more!
      Tinker: What if I say no?
      Madam Ice: That would be most foolhardy. (closes the door)
      Tinker: I dig. Okay, I'll build a unit. But it's not gonna work like they think.

    • (After the villains are captured and taken to prison)
      Mark: Well gang, how does it feel to be heroes?
      Tinker: Right nice, Mark. But little old Speed Buggy is the real hero.
      Debbie: That's for sure.
      Speedy: (sneezes) Some hero. (buzzes and sputters)

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