Speed Buggy

CBS (ended 1974)





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  • This show is cool! Love it! SPeed Buggy is my favorite charcacter. Is that yours????

    This show makes my day at 3:00 ET zone. When there's 1 and I want to see I see. Excellent Show 10 ot of 10. One of my favorite Hanna Babbarea cartoons. Tinker rces so lovely with him as the driver! They're always into crime.
    Even if the catch them red handed it's always a speedy aventure. My favorite episode would probably the one where those two "Wanted" man put that box in the trunk and try to get back by making speedy fall in "LOVE" that was a wonderful episode. I also like "ALL OF THEM" superb show! I wish it was a boomerroyalty. I wnat it to be January '08's boomerroyalty. I wish for it! I want to have a DVD collection. I wish! Just going for a goal to see all before Mighty B airs on Nick on New Years Day.
  • A guilty pleasure from my childhood. I was nine yrs. old when this show debut. This was a different buddy buddy show.

    When I was a boy I waited for my weekend time with Speed Buggy and his friends. I enjoyed the racing; and the different adventures they did. I was upset when they took the show off the air. I was glad to see Tink and Speed Buggy in the Laff-A-Lymoplis. I.m waiting for the season to be on DVD.