Speed Buggy

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 10, 1973 on CBS



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    • Debbie: Hey, look!
      Mark: A wanted poster!
      Tinker: Of us!
      Debbie: And it isn't even my best side!

    • (The first attempt to remove the supercell)
      Debbie: There's almost nothing a girl can't do with a bobby pin.
      Tinker: OK, but be careful. It might be wired to trigger an...alarm!!! (Panel shorts out, triggering a loud ringing alarm)
      Debbie: Now he tells me!

    • Mark: Dr. Ohm doesn't see us. Hurry, Tink!
      Debbie: And watch out for the alarm!
      Tinker: I already fixed it! (Removes supercell, but the alarm sounds off, like a blaring horn)
      Mark: Oh, great!
      Debbie: I thought you fixed it!
      Tinker: I did! See how nice and clear it sounds now?

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