Speed Grapher

TV Asahi (ended 2005)


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Speed Grapher

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The plot of this show takes place 10 years after the Bubble War. Tatsumi Saiga is a former war photographer. He is sent to investigate a fetish club for the uber-wealthy in post-war Japan. But while there, he is kissed by a mysterious 15-year-old girl. The kiss gives him the power to destroy anything he photgraphs.
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  • This is one of the most bizzare and yet compeling shows I have ever watched.

    The show is about a former war photographer called Tatsumi Saiga who now works in Tokyo taking pictures of celebrities and investigating the occassional interest story. One day he breaks into a fetsih club to try and get juicy pictures of the rich a famous but what he sees is a strange ceremony involving a young girl. He ends up involved in the ceremony and developes the unique ability to destroy anything that he takes a picture of. Folowing this he is pursued by other people with equally unusual abilities as he attempts to save the girl and uncover the truth behind the ceremony.

    This show is more thana little odd and not for the feint hearted but despite my initial reservations it actually turned out to be very good. The animation is excellent and the plot has more than enough twists and turns to keep people interested. This is an excellent if odd show.moreless
  • Great anime even though the humans are the worst thing in the world. Is a tried and true anime cliche this show makes the point and keeps up shocked and

    Great anime even though the humans are the worst thing in the world. Is a tried and true anime cliche this show makes the point and keeps up shocked and entertained the whole way. The world we were dropped in was incredible with compelling characters to boot. The ideal of everyone being for sale was a great plot device. Seeing how far people would go to feed their innate sick desires was a great commentary on human behavior. At the same time characters like Sutenga are chastised for allowing the perversion of the time to change them when they should have like Saiga been fighting to change the times. In the end Japan itself is punished by total collapse and everyone is given the chance at a fresh start. What started out as a shocker of the week turned into a deep commentary on how far human lust can take an individual and how we must rise above hurts to better ourselves and those around us very good anime for the action and the social commentary.moreless
  • A surprisingly intense adult-themed Japanese anime which proves riveting viewing.

    I had no idea what to expect when I started watching the new Japanese anime series which just came on here, but of all the shows I tried, this one proved the most satisfying.

    Make no mistake, this show ain't for children. Having said that, for adults this show is well written, well voiced (okay, our Animax channel has all the shows excellently voiced in English) and is beautifully animated. Though be warned - there's sex, swearing and deviant behaviour but all of which is completely part of the story and not gratuitous. Of course, this program would definitely upset sensitive or prudish viewers.

    The story is a fascinating one - an award-winning former war photojournalist, Saiga, is reduced to photographing politicians and movie stars to pay the bills. He gets a lead on a secret cult which caters only to the disgustingly rich and powerful with a simple motto: whatever you desire... as long as you can pay for it. And they do mean *anything*. But when he infiltrates a meeting, he gets caught and is bestowed with the kiss of the 'goddess', a 15 year old girl who during the day is convinced by her mother's right-hand-man, Suitengu, that she is just having nightmares, while at night participates in the most depraved of rituals. Kagura has an unusual genetic mutation - with a kiss, her saliva activates a virus, the 'euphoria factor' in individuals that have it, which causes a variety of astonishing and usually disturbing abilities. The 'euphoria factor' is connected to whatever obsessively drives you (often sexual in nature but not always) and gives you that power: e.g. a woman who eats diamonds and is made of them; and Saiga himself: explosive photography (which stems from his desire to 'capture' the life of his subjects). A side-effect is that each of these people becomes extremely hard to kill which just means that Saiga must come up with unique (and creative) ways to kill them.

    Realising that Kagura is as much of a victim as himself (not to mention this is child abuse), Saiga abducts Kagura and goes on the run with her. Trying to accept his new 'gift' and protect Kagura from being returned to Suitengu's clutches, Saiga desperately tries to find a 'cure' for them both. They are hunted by individuals who also have exotic powers which leads to various unusual situations, all original and not overdone.

    Absolutely riveting, I never miss an episode.moreless
  • The dashing tale of intrigue and speculation, dirt and politics... wait, that's the same thing, isn't it?

    ADORATION! I am madly, completely, and utterly in love with this show. I actually picked it up when it was placed on iTunes. Being that I am an anime freak, and proud of it, I told myself that every show that came on iTunes that was Funimation-based anime... or even not Funimation-based anime, just as long as it was anime, muah hah... I would buy the firt episode. It seems that to the normal society that actually has a life other than seductively drawn animation with huge eyes and even bigger... um... egos?... that this is a completely waist of money. But I refuse to believe that, because well... I am in denile. Heh. But I am enjoying myself, even if I'm not enjoying the cost. So yeah, I picked up the first episode of this and was completely immersed in it from the very first second to the very end. It was exactly the type of show that you shouldn't like to watch, but you find yourself drawn to the characters, drawn to the emotions, and drawn to the absolute appeal of their... um... assets. Muah hah! It's beautifully graphed and seductive to the very last episode. At first, you watch it just to understand everything that is going on... but by the fourth or fifth episode, you cannot escape from the masterpiece that is Speed Grapher.moreless

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