Speed Racer: The Next Generation

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 5/2/08
      Speed goes to the racing academy and meets Lucy and Conor. Speed finds parts of the Mach Five in a pile of junk cars.
    • 5/2/08
      Speed continues to build the Mach-5 while fighting for his spot in the big race.
    • 5/2/08
      Speed finds the blueprints to build the Mach Six's engine. The Mach Six is built and tested.
    • 5/9/08
      Just as Speed and X start to bond as brothers, avid fans start hassling Speed for his everyday used items. Now Speed has to learn to deal with all the pressure of having fans, as well as not forgetting his promises to Lucy and Connor. To make matters worse, the media has scheduled a race between X and Speed.moreless
    • 5/16/08
      As the multi-school racing tournament nears, Speed decides to team up with X to win the event.
    • The Note
      Episode 6
      Speed suspects that his long-lost father is leaving him secret messages.
    • 6/27/08
      Thanks to Joel the lab technician, Zile takes over the virtual track to mess up Speed's race at the Redwood Rally so he doesn't survive. After Speed suspects whats going on, he decides to investigate, but in the process, Speed, Annalise and the Mach 6 all get sucked into the virtual track.moreless
    • 7/4/08
      While Speed and Annalise are still stuck in the virtual track, they must put their differences aside to survive. Meanwhile, Conor, Lucy, and X must find a way to get them out before the track eats itself up due to the virus, or they'll be stuck there forever.
    • 7/11/08
      Speed and Annalise make it out of the track. Delighted, Zile finds out Joel installed the virus, and decides to promote him to make the track more deadly for Speed and the Mach 6. One thing Zile is not aware of is that the Mammoth Car, the X3, and Jungle Conor invade the real world to wreck more havoc.moreless
    • Honor Code
      Episode 10
      Speed must prove his innocence when he is caught with a nitro tank under his hood during a class exercise.
    • The Dance
      Episode 11
      Speed asks Annalise's cousin to the school dance, but Lucy is suspicious of the girl's motives in wanting to date Speed.
    • Top Car
      Episode 12
      Ronald Multon, an esteemed car designing prodigy and old rival of Conor's, comes to the school as a guest lecturer. Furious that Ronald is in fact a complete hack, and stole all of his ideas, Conor challenges him to a design face-off, where they both bet each of their cars.
    • Video Essay
      Episode 13
      Speed must complete Professor Winn's assignment about what he learned since joining the academy.
    • Comet Run Part One
      Episode 14
      Dickie Ranford challenges everyone to a 3-day rally where the victor wins his entire company.
    • Comet Run Part Two
      Episode 15
      After the first day of the race, the Mach 6 is damaged by an avalanche, and so is Chim Chim.
    • 10/3/08
      Now that the race has entered it's Day 3, Speed and the gang focus hard to prove Ranford false, and to win the race to over come his business that he promised. Ranford will not let Speed and his friends win his race, so he will do anything to defeat them, and save his name for being fake the whole time.moreless
    • Plot for Teacher
      Episode 17
      Legendary racer Damien Russ gives a guest lecture at school and promotes a new energy drink, but Speed is suspicious that he has other motives for visiting.
    • Knight Racer
      Episode 18
      Zile recruits Speed to test out a Zazic Industry-made vehicle named VIC, which has the ability to speak and operate its own functions. Zile also secretly intends to use VIC to destroy Speed and the Mach 6 for good. Meanwhile, Conor and Annalise compete during School Spirit Week.
    • Money Problems
      Episode 19
      In order to get the Mach 6, Zile hatches a plan to get Spritle fired.
    • 1/30/09
      Zile's dark secrets might be revealed when Speed is accidentally turned invisible and he sneaks into his office.
    • 2/6/09
      Speed is forced to give Zile the Mach 6, but Connor has secretly installed a virus in the Mach 6's system causing it to malfunction.
    • 2/20/09
      After evading the committee and the police, Zile and Stan are on the run. Meanwhile, Annalise is left in charge of the company.
    • 2/27/09
      Dr. Chezco creates the missing component for the Mach 6's gasless engine; Zile and Annalise set out to sabotage the completion of the gasless engine.
    • The Secrets of the Engine - Part 1
      Speed is introduced to Dr. Chezco who has created the missing component for the Mach 6's gasless engine. Upon realizing the implications of Dr. Chezco's discovery, Zile and Annalise set out to sabotage the completion of the gasless engine.
    • Zile and Annalise steal the Chezco chamber and keep it hidden until they can meet with the head of the committee; Speed and X sneak into Zile's tower.
    • 3/13/09
      On the Season Finale of Speed Racer, Zile tries to finally gain the chamber back out of the Mach 6. Also, will Speed finally make his dad's Dream come true? And will he finally meet him after all this time?
    • This Is Speed
      This Is Speed
      Episode 26
      Speed relives all of his past altercations with his enemies and how he managed to keep the Mach 6.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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