Speed Racer: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 4

Low Price of Fame

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 09, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks

Episode Recap

Speed is racing down a virtual course and manages to beat several vehicles that were chasing him. It turns out to just be a daydream and actually, Speed is standing in class with Headmaster Spritle asking a question, which Conor answers easily. Speed has been gaining popularity in the academy and has fans, including a crazed fan called Mitch. Unfortunately, Speed is so popular that he doesn't have time to help Lucy with her art project. While Speed is talking to his brother X, one of Speeds fans suggest that a race be held between Speed and X. Although they do not wish to race, Headmaster Spritle tells them that the race is authorized to take place. Even the board of racing has heard of the race, thanks to Mitch who has spread the word. The course that had been chosen for the race had lightning which comes down from the sky; the cars have been equipped with a chip to protect them from lightning. Analisse, not wanting X to loose the race, removes the chip that protects the Mach Six from the lightning, rendering the car vulnerable to being struck. The race begins and both racers maintain a close distance. Zile Zazic prepares to hit the Mach Six with lightning however, Conor sends over Chim-Chim to stand on top of Speed's car and act as a lightning rod. As Zile Zazic blasts lightning in hopes of destroying the Mach Five, Chim-Chim continues to ground the bolts. X notices that only Speed is being struck by the lightning. The cars are almost at the finish and Speed orders Chim-Chim back into the car. Suddenly, a sphere of lightning hits the Mach Six and Speeds car slows down tremendously, causing X to win the race. Outside of the virtual track, X is being cheered on and Speed says what a good race they had. X believes that something strange happened in the race because only Speed's car was struck by the lightning. Now that Speed has lost the race, his popularity goes down. The next day, Speed gives Lucy what she believes to be the finished sculpture for her art project that Speed said he would help her with. In actuality, it is a piece of the Mach Six which was melted by the lightning.