Speed Racer: The Next Generation

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  • SrR TNG

    I love this show. Too bad it comes on too early. wtf, they do not air it 'five hours a day or something'. You probably just didn't give it a chance. A lot of people here haven't. Forget the original series and just enjoy this cartoon for what it is.
  • wtf

    This show is CRAP! dont watch it

    i cant belive they put this on my favorite channel Nicktoons network. now its airing like 5 hours a day or more. i never saw the old Speed Racer but i saw one episode of this show and it WAS GARBAGE

    Why did they HAVE to put it on nicktoons network. I HATE IT i have a feeling this show and three delivery is gonna replace alot of the good classic shows in the channel

    Nicktoons network is one of the best place for the old classic nicktoons like Invader zim, corneil and bernie, etc... Now with this show on the air i have a feeling they might take some of it away.
  • A horrible spin-off of a great show!

    Nicktoons Network did a horrible spin-off of the great anime series, Speed Racer! It's obvious their cheap ideas for the show came to them after watching the movie since it premiered so soon after! And worst of all, only Speed and Chim-Chim are the only two characters still here from the original series! Plus, Speed and Chim-Chim are not even themselves! They also try making the show special with three-dimensional effects that are not needed AT ALL. Face it, this show is just a cheesy spin-off of Speed Racer that is simply pointless. I can't believe it even made it onto television!

  • Speed Racer: The Next Generation followes the life of Speed Racer's sun who is also named Speed. He goes to the racing acadamy and meets his new friends, Coner and Lucy. This is definitly a good show for a fan of the origonal Speed Racer cartoon.

    A Very good show indeed. I first have to complement the writers of the Three Part Movie (aired seperatly) "Comet Run". Keeping us at the edge of our seat with action and adventure everywhere. This episode is not only a good plot, but a good umm... yeah, plot! But overall, the show is a bunch of fun for anyone that likes racing video games, movies, and TV shows. Speed Racer: The Next Generation is definitly worth watching. So if you feel like seeing a really LAZER AWESOME shows, tune into Nicktoons Network every friday at 6:00 ET. Trust me, you WONT be dissapointed!
  • People don't give this show a fair chance.

    I am a massive fan of this show, and I love most of the episodes. I mean, what kid dosn't like Speed Racer? this is just a continuation of the original series, and it dosn't do anything to mess with the magic of the classic series. it ADDS to the Speed Racer expeariance, and that's why kids (like me, even though i'm in the 7th grade) are giving this show awesome reveiws and are huge fans of it, while the adults who grew up with the classic look down on it from the start, and as a result, give it terible reveiws. This show stars Speed (Jr. that is, he is NOT to be confused with the orginal Speed, who we later learn is his father.) who is a kid who wants to be the best racecar driver in the world. also stars are Conor (nerdy mechanic, he takes the place of sparky) Lucy (Speed's "girlfriend", she takes the place of Trixie) and Chim Chim (a robot monkey who takes the place of... well, Chim Chim!) and, Peter Fernandez voices Headmaster Spritle. (He voiced the original Speed Racer and Racer X. talk about icing on the cake!) The series gets corney at times, and it dosn't take itself seriously, and the animation might look weird at first glance, but it's the best Speed Racer series for first time fans.
  • This show is about a boy named speed who is aceppted into the racing acadamey.There he meets his long lost brother x and his two best friends conor and lucy.there they find the plans for the mach 6 and its rare gassless engine.

    Over all i thought the show was great i saw the original show and i thought the next generation would be just a spin off of the original,and wasnt going to be that great ,but in the end i loved the show. Its one of my favorties.Its an awsome show. Its basicly a continuation of the old show.it starts off with speed racers two sons x and speed, but speed doesnt know his father is speed racer the racing ledend.and that x is his brother.all he has to remember his parents are a key and a red bandana that his father left him.
  • The "revival" of a classic? Sorta, but not really. Quick and short review.

    The original Speed Racer is a good classic. It's dated, but attempts to be action-packed (at least as much as they could back then). If nothing else, it's worth it for the humor. So when they made the Speed Racer movie this year, I managed to enjoy it despite the poor reviews. If you seen the original cartoon, it's great and hilarious.

    Now as for this show, I cannot say the same thing. Awhile ago there was a stupid web cartoon that was meant to be a Speed Racer sequel that lasted a whole 3 episodes. This show's really no different than the webtoon. It's a sequel to the original anime, with a kid Speed (yet his first name being "Speed" and his last name being "Racer" never seems to click with anyone in the first episode... that makes sense) and his brother X (so clever). Chim-Chim was turned into a robot, and they find the Mach 5 just for it to be destroyed. Based on what I've already said, there's enough crap in the episode for me to quit watching. But do I? No.

    As if these reference attempts weren't enough of a disgrace, there's another thing they killed in this series. And the thing they killed is supposed to be the main reason for watching: the race scenes. They never have real races in this show, they hop into a virtual-reality track and race against each other in a fake environment. In the original if you messed up on a track you could die. Now what, you get a virus?

    Overall, the show can be amusing at times. As bad as I make it sound, it could be WAY worse (that web cartoon proved it). Like the original, it's more for laughing at silly or stupid scenes than watching for the story. Even so, if you haven't seen it yet, you're not missing out.
  • This show is about Speed Racer being a new student at a school for racing and the challenges he has to go through.

    I absolutely love this show. At first I thought this show was extra stupid so I didn't watch it. Then I went to go see Speed Racer at the movie theater. I really liked the movie so I decided to start watching Speed Racer: The Next Generation and I really, really liked it. I think this show is funny and really interesting. I don't know why but I find myself looking to see when the next show comes out. My favorite character I would have to say would be Annalise because she is so mean it's actually really funny. It is always funny how her and X are always fighting. I really love this show.
  • Speed Racer: The Next Generation follows Speed, the son of the famous Speed Racer, and his friends Conner and Lucy as they get through racing school. The show takes place at least a few years in the future and retains a retro cartoon style.

    Pros: Some good humor
    Cons: Stiff animation
    Emotionless acting
    Many clichés

    Animation: 3/5
    Humor: 4/5
    Writing: 2/5

    The characters appear to emotionless. The background characters are stuck in an awkward position. The only movement they seem to possess is occasional blinking. The same goes for the background in the races. -------------

    This is what the show does best. Although the jokes were a bit corny, the targeted age group (7-11) will find it funny. I laughed quite a bit just from seeing how corny the show can be (not really a bad thing). -------------

    The characters are the usual clichés you'd expect from a kids show. An over dedicated child prodigy, a bossy over aggressive girl, a shy computer geek with few friends, a greedy rich man, and his spoiled daughter make up the main characters. -------------

    Even though most of the things I have to say are negative, I still have some fun watching this. I wouldn't want to watch any of the episodes any time soon, but the kids this show is intended for might. I recommend this to older Speed Racer fans interested in what he's up to now or kids who want to know what to see what Speed Racer is all about.
  • This Isn't Your Parents Speed Racer...

    This Isn't Your Parents Speed Racer...

    If you think this is just a remake of the original animated series, think again. It is much different. The storyline is better in my opinion, and it is more fit for the 21st Century. It tends to run in your blood as you could say.

    Combining Special Effects, New Villians, and a Much Different Storyline, as well as other things as I have said comes to put this just like the shows title is, a Next Generation Edition of what was a classic animated series as a combination of Science Fiction, Action-Adventure, and Animation. However, I find it odd to be on a Smaller Network such as Nicktoons Network. It would be better off on the Main Nickeloden Network during Primetime. However, the new Wolverine and The X-Men Series is set to be aired on Nicktoons Network starting in Early 2009. So there must be more here than I can think of. But anyways, being an Animated Science-Fiction Series That I Always Look Forward To Seeing Every Friday Night, I Give It a 10 Out of 10, as only the BEST Shows Make Me Do That.
  • Speed is the long lost son of Speed Racer, the founder of the racing school. He has a brother name X who is the school's racing prodigy and they start out as bitter enemies, but they eventually join fores as brother to brother.

    This show isn't half that bad. I was curious about it when I first saw all the commercials on Nicktoons Network, where I usually get my daily fill of Avatar: The Last Airbender because the main Nick channel does nothing to show it off. I eventually decided to give it a try. It's not a bad storyline, although the animation and some of the voice acting can use a little work. I really like the suspense of this show and how, for some odd reason, you always want to know what happens next. This is definitely a show worth looking into.
  • Speed Racer The Next Generation succeeds in what it's trying to do - a racing cartoon with action, comedy, 'relatable' characters and enough references to the first Speed Racer cartoon to satisfy fans of the original. But it could have been so much more.

    Speed Racer the Next Generation succeeds in what it's trying to do - a racing cartoon with action, comedy, 'relatable' characters and enough references to the first Speed Racer cartoon to satisfy fans of the original. But it could have been so much more. It's very paint by numbers. Do a race, have the characters talk/scheme, have another race to resolve things, showcase racing skill/tech, etc.

    The show is too static. It always takes place at the racing academy, and the villains are always the same. They make up for that by having 'virtual' racing tracks, but even I could make up a better plot. What if Speed Jr. was a broke racing kid who couldn't afford to race, having lost his last ride in a crash? And then he finds out the old beater his vanished dad left him had a morph switch, and when he activated it the old jalopy turned into the Mach 5? So he races in the Mach 5 and then baddies around the world are after him (a different story each week). The morpher could make it look like a regular car, too, so no one bothers him when he goes from place to place. You could still have the mystery of Speed Sr. and the recurring cast/mechanics, but meet new characters/villains each week.
  • I love this show so much!

    I remember watching the original speed racer cartoon when I was younger(I think I saw a rerun or something..) but I think that this show is better than the speed racer cartoon because it has better animation, a better story, and the fact that it's really funny! i also like that they made chim chim a robot monkey! I can never miss a new episode, and I have seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!!!! My favorite character in this show would have to be between chim chim and x racer, because both are so funny in the show (especially chim chim...) I love this show SO much!!