Speed Racer: The Next Generation

Friday 7:00 PM on Nicktoons Networks Premiered May 02, 2008 In Season


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  • People don't give this show a fair chance.

    I am a massive fan of this show, and I love most of the episodes. I mean, what kid dosn't like Speed Racer? this is just a continuation of the original series, and it dosn't do anything to mess with the magic of the classic series. it ADDS to the Speed Racer expeariance, and that's why kids (like me, even though i'm in the 7th grade) are giving this show awesome reveiws and are huge fans of it, while the adults who grew up with the classic look down on it from the start, and as a result, give it terible reveiws. This show stars Speed (Jr. that is, he is NOT to be confused with the orginal Speed, who we later learn is his father.) who is a kid who wants to be the best racecar driver in the world. also stars are Conor (nerdy mechanic, he takes the place of sparky) Lucy (Speed's "girlfriend", she takes the place of Trixie) and Chim Chim (a robot monkey who takes the place of... well, Chim Chim!) and, Peter Fernandez voices Headmaster Spritle. (He voiced the original Speed Racer and Racer X. talk about icing on the cake!) The series gets corney at times, and it dosn't take itself seriously, and the animation might look weird at first glance, but it's the best Speed Racer series for first time fans.