Speed Racer: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 2

The Beginning: Part Two

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks

Episode Recap

After finding the Mach Five in the junk yard, Speed, Lucy, and Conor work on rebuilding it. After they rebuild the car, X tells Speed that he should not be driving his father's car. X and Speed decide to have a race. While on the race course, Headmaster Spritle sees Speed driving the Mach Five. Zile Zazic is also watching and orders his daughter, Annalise, to destroy the Mach Five. During the race, the Mach Five is completely destroyed and sent out of the virtual track. Speed, still strapped in to his chair lands safely when his seatbelt catches a pole. X is angry with Speed for destroying the Mach Five. As they argue, Headmaster Spritle approaches them and tells Speed and X to meet him in his office tomorrow morning. The next morning, Speed sees a flyer for a race in which the winner gets unlimited car parts. However, first years are not allowed to enter the race. Speed and X go to meet Headmaster Spritle in his office and Speed uses this opportunity to ask the headmaster if the rules of the race could be bent so as to allow him to race. Headmaster Spritle responds that he cannot bend the rules, even for his own nephew. It is then that Headmaster Spritle tells Speed that he is Speed Racer's younger son (something that Conor had suspected since Speed arrived at the academy) and that X is his older brother. Zile Zazic, who has been spying on the Headmaster yells in disbelief after he hears this.