Speed Racer

Season 1 Episode 32

Gang of Assassins (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1968 on
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Early morning, somewhere in Japan, a group of black three-wheeled cars approach a pagoda, which is called the Cupola Castle. Using some very sophisticated equipment, some very nimble men in black gain entry. They plant a miniature bomb in a suit of armor. During the Fujiyama Grand Prix, Racer X is gaining on Speed, who has the lead in the 30th lap. Unknown to Speed, Racer X is his older brother Rex who ran away from home years ago. Racer X comments that Speed's even better than the last time he raced against him. The Mach Five just edges out the Shooting Star to win the race. Pops says that he wishes Rex could hear about Speed's victory. Rex does know because he's standing nearby disguised as Racer X. Speed and Trixie are off to do some sightseeing. Spritle wants to go, but Pops promises to buy him a pound of candied kumquats to leave the kids alone. Speed turns on the radio as he's cruising. First the sports news which details Speed's victory in the Fujiyama Grand Prix. Notice the order of the stories; it must be a satellite feed from America ("...World War III started, nuclear holocaust imminent, but first today's baseball scores..."). Then there is the story about the assassination of President Crackbrow of the country of Aquaria, who was in Japan to attend the Peacemeal Conference. Crackbrow and his ministers were touring Cupola Castle when the radar bomb exploded. The mysterious black cars target Splendor Castle next. They use sleeper gas to knock out the guards. Speed pulls up and sees the sleeping guards. He can't figger it out, so he decides to investigate. As Speed approaches, the men in black throw bombs at him. The Mach Five flips on its side throwing Speed and Trixie out of the car. The trunk opens and Spritle and Chim Chim fall out. The four wake up and Speed tries to take care of the men with the homing robot. Speed takes out a few of them before the robot gets hit with a bomb. The mysterious cars take off and Speed tries to chase them. One of the cars drops a plate with spikes, and Speed uses the autojacks to jump over it. But the plate also jumps up and flattens the Mach Five's tires. As the Mach Five is incapacitated, the cars back up with flamethrowers aimed at the Mach Five. The guards wake up and chase the mysterious cars away. Speed and company are saved. One of the mysterious cars was left behind. Speed learns that it belongs to a gang of assassins hired to get rid of everyone attending the Peacemeal Conference. While everyone is enjoying a deer park (except for Chim Chim who is getting pummeled by a deer), Speed meets Racer X, who warns him not to get involved with police business. Speed thinks to himself, "Racer X, what a strange man, sometimes he acts like a friend." At a target range, Racer X is demonstrating his skills shooting skeet. His eye is admired by Gat Gunsel who says that Racer X can make a lot more money than he does racing. Trixie has been fixing herself up for three hours as everyone gets ready to do the town. While they're out driving, Speed stops to admire one of the local women and Trixie gets instantly jealous. The kids stop at a bridge to watch a sightseeing boat. Elsewhere, Racer X is surrounded by a group of assassins. Once he demonstrates his fighting skills, Gat Gunsel appears. He tells Racer X to watch the sightseeing boat. Suddenly a monster comes out of the water and a whirlpool swallows the boat. Speed dives the Mach Five into the water to investigate. Gunsel reveals his plan to Racer X. If the gang can assassinate all the world leaders, there will be no one left to run the countries, and his gang will be free to rule the world. Racer X agrees to join the gang of assassins. Speed fails to find the boat or the monster, but as he gets on shore, he spots the gang's cars taking off. He leaves the others behind as he goes after the gang alone. Speed follows the gang inside a building filled with statues. The statues come to life and they're armed with weapons all aimed at Speed. Will Speed be trapped in the hideout of the assassin gang?moreless

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Who was the Episode MVP ?

Corinne Orr

Corinne Orr

Trixie/Spritle Racer/Mom Racer

Peter Fernandez

Peter Fernandez

Speed Racer/Racer X

Jack Curtis (I)

Jack Curtis (I)

Pops Racer/Inspector Detector

Jack Grimes

Jack Grimes

Sparky/Chim Chim

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