Speed Racer

Season 1 Episode 33

Gang of Assassins (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1968 on
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Speed figgers that the statues must be under some sort of remote control. Then, the statues fire pistols at him. When the smoke clears, Speed is okay, but then the assassins drop in. Speed fends off their attack, but he's met by Gat Gunsel, the leader of the local division of assassins. The organization is world-wide. Speed is ordered to walk to a statue. Behind the statue is a secret entrance to the assassins' headquarters. In a cell, the diplomats from the sightseeing boat are locked up. Speed watches the assassins demonstrate their skills. One shoots the pips out of a five of spades. Others walk through a fire; another cracks a rock with a karate chop; and another walks on the ceiling. Then the assassins show off their driving skills. The cars they drive are specialized weapons. Speed is taken to the leader of the entire assassin organization, Professor Anarchy. Speed is offered a job with the gang. Speed refuses. Professor Anarchy is going to let Speed be his 2,708th kill, a great honor. But Racer X interrupts and offers to "take care of the kid." Racer X introduces himself as a full-fledged member of the gang of assassins. Speed says, "And I thought you were decent, you're rotten!" Racer X gives Speed a beating and throws him in the cell with the diplomats. Speed says a few words promising revenge before he passes out. One of the diplomats remarks, "A nap will do him good." Trixie, Spritle and Chim Chim are walking along the shore when the homing robot appears. They follow it to the Mach Five. Some kids are playing in the car which had been abandoned. The kids trade the car for some candy. Trixie drives the car under the water as they look for Speed. The monster appears and chases the Mach Five. The car gets sucked into the monster, which is really a submarine. Spritle and Chim Chim hop in the trunk just before Trixie is captured. The Mach Five is put in the storeroom and Trixie joins Speed and the diplomats. Professor Anarchy is holding a meeting of the assassins. He briefs them on the plan to bomb the Peacemeal Conference. A bomb has been placed in the statue of a lion which will replace a statue similar to it at the meeting hall. The prisoners are taken from the cell and tied to stakes. Racer X is given the job of executioner. He shoots the ropes off the prisoners instead and turns the gun on Gunsel and Anarchy. More assassins drop into the room. The good guys all take shelter behind some sandbags. Spritle and Chim Chim arrive in the Mach Five. Speed and Trixie hop in the car and take off to thwart the bombing plan. Racer X shows the diplomats the way out and Spritle and Chim Chim hide aboard the submarine. Racer X finds a time bomb and sets it to blow up the headquarters. As Speed chases the assassin cars, the monster submarine flies overhead. Spritle hits the submarine pilot over the head with a wrench. Spritle and Chim Chim bail out. The submarine, out of control, crashes into the assassin gang. The time bomb explodes taking care of the headquarters and the weapons inside. Speed asks Racer X if he's some kind of secret agent. Racer X says, "No, Speed, I'm a professional racing driver, and your closest competitor."moreless

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    Corinne Orr

    Corinne Orr

    Trixie/Spritle Racer/Mom Racer

    Peter Fernandez

    Peter Fernandez

    Speed Racer/Racer X

    Jack Curtis (I)

    Jack Curtis (I)

    Pops Racer/Inspector Detector

    Jack Grimes

    Jack Grimes

    Sparky/Chim Chim

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