Speed Racer

Season 1 Episode 52

Race Around the World (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1968 on

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  • why's it canceled?

    call me strange, but this was the first episode of speed racer i ever watched. i was figuring out everything about the series. who was the creator? who played the characters? how fast did the characters talk? the last one required research. so i got on the computer, went to the video section, and just picked out the episode that appeared first on the list. i didn't know this was the series fanale until i REALLY started whatching the series. this was like an audio check. and yes, everyone is wondering, "this series was the most popular thing in america, why did they cancel it?" well your fogeting this series was made in JAPAN not america. if the first 26 episodes are popular they order more. but it never went beyond 52 episodes. that went for all anime shows, not just this one. i think that's chanced in 40 years. but i don't know. but did anyone notice? this episode was aired 40 years ago, and the series is STILL popular! and i don't mean, "oh the movie just came out so everyone likes it" popular. i mean the "i whatched the series when i was a kid and i just had to show it to my kids" popular. that's staying power! don't be left out, whatch the episode! (actully, whatch part one, wait a day, then whatch this one for the full effect.)
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