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  • The only good "Anime" in existince.

    Speed racer would be a masterpiece if the show was not an Anime. This show has excellent designs, voice acting, and characters. But that's about it. Overall this show is a mediocre classic. 57/100 Mediocre.
  • for a 1967 cartoon, it's not all bad!

    well i got into this series backwards. now right now your thinking, "what on earth does she mean by that?" well i'll tell you. i got into it by watching speed racer: the next generation. (a spin off of this series) and one day i said to myself "wow, i have to watch the original!" so i rented it. (i didn't know at the time how much i would get into it) so a about three days later, i was just finishing the last dvd. barly stopping to eat or sleep. the show completely caught me off gaurd. oh sure i knew it was made in japan and all the names of the characters, (plus i was a fan of the spin off) but it completely surprised me to see how good it actully was. and it made the spin off more fun because i could completly show off in front of my friends. ( i could say, "hey, the original speed drove a race like that and he used nearly all those features too. like the laser blades used to be regualr cutting blades and those used to be... etc) hey, give it a shot. it'll probley knock you off the edge of your seat. probley even before the theme song stops playing!
  • I'm so obsessed, I got the DVD right here in my hand.

    Speed Racer is one of the most awesome old-time shows you will ever come across. Man, this thing goes back all the way in 1966. That's right. The 60's. (That was 40 years ago.) Speed Racer was adopted by America from Japan sometime in the late 60's. (This is NOT reliable information) The reason why I gave Speed such a high score is because he strives to be popular even to this very day. With the new Speed Racer movie already out, new Speed Raceraction figures and even Speed Racer "The Manga Series" books have hit the market and have never been more sucessful. Even if Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) looks nothing like the old-school nitrotic (not a word) I would still give him the same score I gave the show. Speed Racer gets a 9.3 from me. (And Not The Movie, The Show.)
  • One of the first to hit America

    Now I wouldn't put this show up there with Robotech or Battle of the Planets, but it was still a great show. It was WAY ahead of its time when it came here to the states.

    It was only on in re runs when I was a kid, but I remember watching in on week day mornings before school. I always thought the Mach 5 was the coolest car. What with all the fancy gadgets and all.

    I have heard that this show is going to be made into a movie starring Vince Vaughn. I don't know if it really has a market anymore, since most of the people that grew up watching it's kids will probably never heard of it, but who knows it may be a hit.
  • America's first look at Anime

    First things first, I'm not a big fan of Anime (Japanese Animation, Not U.S. based Animation). Truth be told I find most of it annoying and hard to follow with way to many pans of still pictures. For the most part it's made so cheaply that even the plots could hardly be called plots.

    That being said, Speed Racer is my all time favorite Anime. Partly because I grew up watching it but more likely because the US syndication company that imported it reworked the theme song and plots so they were more palatiable for a US viewers. Either way I thouroghly enjoy the DVD releases.
  • He's an anime character thats normal looking, he'll amuse you when your young and make you laugh later, he'll point a gun and freak out at goldfish cards, He's Speed Racer!

    Classic show, nearly everday when I was 4 I'd watch either watch Speed Racer, a Heroes on Hot Wheels tape, or a Herbie film (Yea, I'm a big car fan). Later on you could still see it on TV and buy DVD's but unfortuanaly it dosen't air on TV and presumebly the violence would be a reason sense TV censors have become more wuss-ish, it was last seen on the Speed Channel at a PG rating. I don't get why in the US it dosen't get aired more with the big anime craze going on though in anime theres no room for classics apprently, when was the last time they aired Astro Boy? I swear the US has lost alot of logic. The show itself is somewhat kind of cheaply made but it intresting hearing cars like the GRX with an airplane engine or in later episodes they use some weird effect for water. Just go buy a DVD or something though its a great classic and thats saying something when it comes from someone like me who likes only 3 animes and 2 are older ones (The other being Spaceship Sagaritus).
  • The adventures of a young talented racer, who is doing his all to please his father and chase the mystery of his long lost older brother Rex,AKA Racer X. Along the way there is amazing travel around the world,amazing adventures and great grand prix races.

    Best animated cartoon series ever. The only respectable one concerning the world of auto racing. They should make a live movie about this,like they did Thunderbirds or Spy Kids and the like.This show had great characters and great stories. I thought the animation and the moods that were set were the best ever. Interesting that most of the time the show was not about Speed actually in a race, but about other parts of his life that took up alot of his time. There was another animated cartoon series on Fox about Nascar racers that was so poor in comparison. You would think with racing so popular they would bring this show back or create another one.
  • Speed Racer...a teenage driver who becomes the racecar champion of the world

    Nostalgia at it's finest. Great episodes, great plots. I remember watching this as a kid, now I have the DVD's and can watch them all over again.

    My personal favorite episode is "The Mammoth Car", a very long vehicle made of pure gold. Additionally, we get to see all of the Mach 5's gadgets work.

    Even though the bad guys' names are off the wall, (IE: "Snake Oiler" & "Skull Dougarry") it's still fun to watch.

    Racer X's car, "The Shooting Star" is very cool as well.
    (Racer X is Speed's older brother "Rex" who ran away from home years ago...as the narrator constantly reminds us)

    BTW...I don't care what anyone says, Trixie is HOT!
  • Best old classic cartoon ever.

    Meet Speed Racer his dream is to race in many car races.Even to try and ride in his father car creation the Mach 5.His father forbid him to entered the race and to ride the car.But Speed did and ends up on an great adventure.With his little brother and monkey always hiding in the trunk.Also seeing the mysterous Racer X.Who is also his brother which he doesn't know about.There is tons of adventure.Man! I loved this show.I used to watch it when it was on Cartoon Network.My brothers and sister even watched it before I had knew about it.This is an great cartoon classic.But now its off air.I think they should put it on boomerang or at least made an movie of this.
  • "Mahha gô gô gô"

    One of the most complex early anime series to be dubbed for American audiences. Speed Racer is the teenaged son of a car designer, whose Mach 5 can jump, go underwater, clear a path of trees and do other tricks. Besides winning various races, Speed and his family (girlfriend Trixie, kid brother Spritle and pet monkey Chim-Chim) run into spies, saboteurs, criminals and other bad-guy types.
    Its original title was called Mach A Go-Go,and this show was on every kids mind when it came on every weekday afternoon and especially on Saturday mornings when you tuned in to the adventures of Speed Racer and his friends to see what exciting thrills to expect next,and with this show you'll never know what to expect or expect the unexpected.
    "Mahha gô gô gô"
  • What Can You Say But....Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer !Go!

    What a great action cartoon, all the thrills of adventures of the great youthful Speed Racer,girlfriend Trixie, brother Spridel and pet chimp Chim Chim.
    Japanese made but it managed to become a major cult leader here in the states, every episode will become a hit in some way or the other.
    Clever American theme song manages to be a personal favorite.
    All in all,a rip roaring, action packed, fun to watch, never get sick of, and a wonderfully made cartoon!
  • Even after all these years, I can still sing the entire theme song word for word...

    Back before my interests in comics, "Speed Racer" made an impression on me as a kid that I look back at fondly. Growing up, he was the first "cool" hero to me and I wanted to own a car like the Mach 5 when I grew up.

    Is it campy and even kind of corny now? Sure, but so are many things we enjoyed as kids, and that does not mean they are bad. In many ways, the cartoon was ahead of its time, if not in animation, then at least in the plots and storytelling. I think what I enjoyed the most was the creative variations of the cars and their drivers. I still remember them today: the Mammoth Car, the GRX, the Car Acrobatic Team, Racer X and the Shooting Star. It was the creative varieties of the cars that always drew me in. And Speed Racer managed to win, although he did not always win, nor was he the best driver because his older brother was the better of the two.

    Few cartoons still hold up in my eyes, and this one does a good job of it, even though there are laughable moments about it. But even today, when I catch an old episode on VHS, I still "geek out" when the Mach 5 pulls ahead of the rest.

    Go Speed Racer Go!
  • That "Quirky" Dialogue...

    Speed Racer is the title of an English language adaptation of the Japanese anime "Mach Go Go Go" which centered around automobile racing. The series is an early example of an anime becoming a successful franchise in America.

    The characters and storylines originally started in Japan as the manga and anime series Mach Go Go Go (¥Þ¥Ã¥ÏGoGoGo) from the anime studio Tatsunoko Productions.

    Speed RacerFirst created by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida (1933¨C1977) as a manga series in the 1960s, Mach Go Go Go made the jump to TV as an anime series in 1967. The central character in the anime and manga was a young race car driver named G¨­ Mifune (Èý´¬„‚ Mifune G¨­). Yoshida selected the names and symbolisms in his creation very carefully. The M logo on the hood of his race car and the front of his helmet stood for his family name Mifune, and his given name Go is also a Japanese homonym for the number 5 (the number on his race car). This is also represented by the letter G embroidered on his shirt. Though somewhat Western for Japanese tastes at the time, the 52-episode series achieved modest success, but it would soon find blockbuster status in the United States.

    The English language rights to Mach Go Go Go were immediately acquired by American syndicator Trans-Lux. The main character Go Mifune was given the name "Speed Racer" in the English version. A major editing and dubbing effort was undertaken by producer Peter Fernandez, who also voiced many of the characters, including Speed Racer himself. Fernandez was also responsible for a retooling of the theme song's melody and its subsequent English lyrics. When the series emerged before U.S. TV audiences as Speed Racer, fans were quickly drawn to its sophisticated plots involving fiendish conspiracies, violent action, hard-driving racing, and soulful characters with sparkling eyes. In an effort to squeeze the complicated plotlines into existing lip movements, the frenetic pace of the dubbing made Speed Racer famous for its quirky "fast" dialogue.
  • Loved the show as a kid!

    I used to love this show as a kid growing up in Miami at the time.
    I loved the show as I watched with my brother.
    We both loved the show a lot.
    I think Speed kind of looks like Tom Cruise.
    If Tom Cruise were in his twenties, he would be a dead-on ringer to play him.
    Now I heard a movie version is coming out with Vince Vaughn as the mysterious older brother Rex "Racer" X.
    Want to see it really badly.
  • Go Speed Racer Go! 10 years ago i loved it for the action and complex plots. now i love it for the laughable stupidity, but still find the plots and actions entertaining!

    Speed Racer: america's first anime import. and guess what? it was a smash hit. the fast talking, the "schwong schwong" sound every time the metal springs came out of the car, and infamous "ram the other car off the road and watch it explode" theme song sequence are all parts of pop culture. I absolutely love this show: i've got all 3 volumes on dvd, and think that everyone can find something to enjoy in this show. its strange really: shows like Thundercats i watch for the childhood memories, but this show i still find complete new entertainment in everytime i watch.
  • This show is very underrated.

    Speed Racer is a very well known, but underrated retro anime. First, it is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. It may appear to be childish, but it's a surprisingly violent show, enough for the thought of showing it in the U.S to be controversial. I wish I could hear the original Japanese voices, but the DVDs only have the dub, which I must say is pretty shoddy. I found most the dialogue to be way too fast. A lot of the times, the animation is downright neglegent. I've seen things such as Speed's hand clipping through Inspector Detector's neck or Trixie sitting in the wrong side of the Mach 5. The cast of characters was pretty charming, but the show's 2 sequels seriously screwed them up.
  • A true classic animated series that was way ahead of it's time!

    What else could be more important to a young man in the late 60's, than fast cars, good friends, and a great cartoon like Speed Racer! The premise, although simple, was a hit with audiences all over the world, and set the standard for many similar shows over the years since, but none has ever come close. There was something about the show that captivated audiences episode after episode. We all were cheering as Speed finished each race, all the while coming out ahead of whatever evil forces were conspiring to prevent him from finishing. Yes, I too carried my Speed Racer lunchbox to school with my head held high!
  • An 18 year old guy who wants to become the best race car driver in the world. He accomplishes some of the toughest courses, tracks, and adventures with the help of the ultimate race car the "Mach 5"

    Speed Racer is one of the most memorible Animes from the 60s. It's known to be one of the first ones to hit America and gave people a first glimpse of Japanese Animation.

    The series is almost 40 years old. The animation is primative compared to today's anime.

    But it's kinda good to watch. Has a few silly things in some episodes. But still has some good stuff in it.

    The different cars, tracks, and cool villians makes it worth seeing. And what unique about the series is it's voiced by only 4 people.

    So Speed Racer is a good anime, just to let ya know it's not for everyone.
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