Speed Racer

(ended 1968)





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  • He's an anime character thats normal looking, he'll amuse you when your young and make you laugh later, he'll point a gun and freak out at goldfish cards, He's Speed Racer!

    Classic show, nearly everday when I was 4 I'd watch either watch Speed Racer, a Heroes on Hot Wheels tape, or a Herbie film (Yea, I'm a big car fan). Later on you could still see it on TV and buy DVD's but unfortuanaly it dosen't air on TV and presumebly the violence would be a reason sense TV censors have become more wuss-ish, it was last seen on the Speed Channel at a PG rating. I don't get why in the US it dosen't get aired more with the big anime craze going on though in anime theres no room for classics apprently, when was the last time they aired Astro Boy? I swear the US has lost alot of logic. The show itself is somewhat kind of cheaply made but it intresting hearing cars like the GRX with an airplane engine or in later episodes they use some weird effect for water. Just go buy a DVD or something though its a great classic and thats saying something when it comes from someone like me who likes only 3 animes and 2 are older ones (The other being Spaceship Sagaritus).