Speed Racer

Season 1 Episode 16

The Fire Race (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1967 on
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At the meeting of the League of Countries, the representative from Kapecapek announces his government's decision to close its borders to the outside world. An official proposes that if Kapecapek's racecar driver, named Kabala, beats Speed Racer, then its borders can remain closed. At the racetrack, Speed receives an invitation to the Fire Festival Race. Speed finds this peculiar because Kapecapek doesn't have a racetrack and Kabala has been missing for a long time. Nevertheless, Speed and company arrive in Kapecapek. They spot Racer X, who was also invited. That night Chief Zuma lets it be known that "the winner of the race will be bridegroom" to his granddaughter, Princess Sibana. He points out Speed as the probably winner. But when a jealous Trixie makes it clear that Speed is taken, another driver, Mr. Kadar, steps forward with his offer of matrimony. Later, Mr. Kadar captures the Princess and demands to know where the country's treasure is hidden. Speed comes to her rescue. The next day, the racers and their cars are carried by raft to a secret entrance in a volcanic mountain. The racers drive through a tunnel to an ancient city with bejeweled statues. The race is set to begin once the volcano erupts. An official announces that the cars will drive through 800 miles of volcanic tunnel. Whoever reaches the exit before the split in the mountain closes will win. Amid falling debris, an unsteady terrain, and the threat of impending molten lava, the drivers line up. Kabala shows up and the race begins.moreless

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  • The Fire Next Time

    This is one of the best episodes of "Speed Racer." this episode takes place in a country witch got a volcano and a high price for life. I saw this episode when I was a kid and I taken by this episode. The stakes are the lives of those driver including Speed and Racer X when they took the challenged of the race across the 800 mile tunnel to the other side. I like this episode, this is one of the best two part episode of the series. it os fun to watch. Watching those cars go thogh the tunnel are half the fun of Part One.moreless
  • Cool show, love the volcano.

    If your able to compare a photo of Kabala and the former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani you would swear that they were seperated at birth. Each time I watch it I just can't get over it. I wonder if this would hurt Guiliani's chances while he is running for president. The old king was cool, I liked his outfit he looked like a "witch doctor" on acid. Speed should have let the crooks steal the treasure and just continue on with the race. But NO!! he had to stop and stick his nose, yet again , in other peoples business. He wasted most of the show tring to stop the bad guys from prying the diamonds of the wall while also tring to avoid getting covered with lava. Speed knew that he had just a limited time to finish the race but he kept stoping. And just when you think Speed and Kabala/Racer X will be sealed in the valcano, they exit just in time. It seems that Speed always wins somehow.moreless
Corinne Orr

Corinne Orr

Trixie/Spritle Racer/Mom Racer

Peter Fernandez

Peter Fernandez

Speed Racer/Racer X

Jack Curtis (I)

Jack Curtis (I)

Pops Racer/Inspector Detector

Jack Grimes

Jack Grimes

Sparky/Chim Chim

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