Speed Racer

Season 1 Episode 1

The Great Plan (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1967 on

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  • The beginning of the Demon on wheels!

    This is the beginning of a legend and that still
    Goes on after over forty years. About a teenage race
    Car driver. Named Speed Racer who drives the special Mach 5
    Car that his father Pops Racer has designed for a company.
    But Pops is fed up with the politics of the company.
    As a secret group wants to get designs on the plans.
    Speed wants to enter a race but without his father's permission. After a past that has Pops forbidding Speed to enter into. But nonetheless, Speed enters his very first race. Unaware that crooks want to steal the Mach 5's plans and use it for their own evil plans.