Speed Racer

Season 1 Episode 25

The Royal Racer (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1967 on
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Spritle and Chim Chim land in the river below. The palace guards stand high above calling for Prince Jam. Minister Offendem convinces the king to have Pops and company arrested for building a defective racing car. With Prince Jam unaccounted for, the king agrees that Prince Sugarin will be the successor to the throne. Offendem hardly disguises his pleasure. Pops and Trixie have been arrested. As they are being led away, Offendem asks about Speed. The guards say that he got away before he could be arrested. Back at the river, Chim Chim revives Spritle by pouring water on his face. Speed is up in a tree draped over a branch. Spritle tries to wake him by honking the Mach Five's horn and Chim Chim jumps on the branch. Speed falls to the ground. Spritle admits to Speed that he's not the prince. Speed realizes that the real prince is locked up in the hotel room. The prince is out on the streets trying to get some food. No one will believe his royal lineage, however. When he claims to be the prince, one of the palace guards asks, "You're the prince of what? The kingdom of dirt and grime?" When the prince threatens to throw the guards in jail, they pick him up, stick him in a vase, and roll the vase down some stairs. That night, the prince is huddled beneath a tree in a rain storm. He says that people shouldn't judge him because of the clothes he's got on. Cartoons have a lot more wisdom than many churches and corporations. Lighting strikes the prince's tree and he dashes for cover. He meets a very tall man which is the three bat-boys standing on one another's shoulders inside a huge trenchcoat. The prince shows the royal birthmark to prove his identity. Then the bat-boys move in to capture the prince. Meanwhile, Speed arrives at the hotel to find the prince gone. The tall man is there to question Speed. Speed runs off his mouth a bit too much and he's knocked out. Down below, some of the midget racers throw wrenches at the bat-boys, allowing Spritle and Chim Chim to escape. Spritle explains the whole story to his new friends. One of the bat-boys, who's been captured, tells about Prince Jam being held prisoner in Punchke Temple. With ten minutes left until the coronation, half of the racers escort Spritle to the palace, while the other half take off to rescue Prince Jam. As the crown is being lowered to Prince Sugarin's head, the coronation is disrupted by Spritle and his retinue. Pops and Trixie are released from jail. Spritle whispers to Pops that he's not the prince. Offendem is on the phone to the bat-boys. He's informed that he's got an imposter since the real prince is with them. As the crown is being lowered to Spritle's head, Offendem challenges Spritle to show the royal birthmark. At Punchke Temple, the bat-boys are getting ready to do away with Speed and the prince. Chim Chim, dressed up in bat-boy costume, releases Speed and the prince. Speed, Prince Jam and Chim Chim get away with the help of the racers. The real Prince Jam arrives just in time. Offendem breaks his scepter and drops it to the ground. The prince is crowned and bells ring to herald the new king. The radio has announced that Offendem has disappeared. Spritle is dejected at having missed the Baby Grand Prix by one day. Speed figgers out that, because of the time difference, Spritle will be eight years old and therefore eligible to compete. Pops builds a second mini-racer overnight, and Spritle and Prince Jam end up in a tie for first place. It's a good thing the Baby Grand Prix had to be postponed, otherwise Spritle wouldn't have been old enough.moreless

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Who was the Episode MVP ?

Corinne Orr

Corinne Orr

Trixie/Spritle Racer/Mom Racer

Peter Fernandez

Peter Fernandez

Speed Racer/Racer X

Jack Curtis (I)

Jack Curtis (I)

Pops Racer/Inspector Detector

Jack Grimes

Jack Grimes

Sparky/Chim Chim

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