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Rules and Guidlines.

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    I'm going to try to handle this all in one post so here I go. Thanks to my friend that helped me write this.

    Submiting Information

    How to Submit Notes:
    A Note is somewhere where you can type a simple note about the episode.
    This episode was the first one with dog.

    How to Submit Trivia:
    Trivia is like goofs in the episode.

    How to Submit Allusions:
    Allusions is where you submit stuff that happened in the episode or something that appeared in the episode that references something in another episode, or show or movie, etc.

    How to Submit a Quote:
    A Quote is a saying in an episode. It could be said once or more then once. Please bold the characters name and not the ":" when you submit these! Also, when your putting actions please put them in italics and in: (action here) like the example below.

    How to Submit a Synopsis (Recap, Summary):
    A Synopsis is basically what happens in an episode. When you type up a Summary please don't put spoilersin them.
    However, when you type up a Recap, please put everything that happens in the episode, scene-by-scene. Recaps should have everything that happened in the episode.

    What is a Comment?:
    A Comment is prove of your contribution.When submitting new episode or summary please put the link of the source you got it from. Otherwise I will reject it. Also, don't put "Hi!!" or a dot. I refuse to accept anything without the link for where you got the information.

    Forum Rules

    1. Do not spam. I will delete every post you made on the topic if you do.
    2. Do not make pointless topics. Please don't. I've seen great forums completly messed up by pointless topics.
    3. Do not make fun of others and do not use ba lanugage.
    4. Please stay on topic.

    Thank you for taking your time and reading. I might edit or add more soon.

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