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  • A decent show with a cops view of speeders.

    Speeders is a show that follows Cops along while they stop speeders. This show most certainly is a take off of "COPS." The first few minutes, even 15 minutes of this show is ok. The problem comes in that it gets very repetitive very fast. Unfortunately I do not think this show can overcome that problem as what are they going to do because they show is named "speeders" they need to stop speeders? With speeders come the same crap each time. If you've seen two shows, you've seen it all or close to it. In a pinch with nothing else to watch, this is a decent show for a chuckle or two. I wouldn't plan my night around it though. And some of the cops are just flat jerks with no sense of decency toward people. Speeders is a good show to get incensed at some police too. Ah well... it is an ok show.
  • This show is on a channel a watch a lot. Court or as it's called now truTV. Not one of my favorites but is pretty decent.

    This show is about law witch all shows on truTV are about this one in particular is about the law of speeding. Now this show is pretty decent but not the best show on truTV there are better but I do like this show a bit. I like the excuses the drivers use but it is stupid because it's just a traffic ticket I mean who wants to make up crud just to get out of a bloody ticket. Now I gave this show a 5.5 because of the sheer stupidity of the excuses and all the stuff they make up. I do like how the cops explain how long they have been doin highway patrol and what the suspect's violations are.
  • Help Wanted: SPEEDERS Narrator needed>Rating 1.5 w/narrator 6.5 without

    The show is ok, real cops and real people I'll watch it on occasion. The freakin Narrator is NOT funny. Message to Producers or Person in Charge: Get rid of this guy or tell him to QUIT the STUPID smart ass remarks and UNFunny comments, I'll watch the show until I hear a stupid comment and channel is changed. This producers appear to really go through-out the country to get real people and real cops. I'm not sure they always get to ride along with the BEST cop however, I know they did a ride-along with one the biggest a$$ holes in my hometown (but how would they know) keep up the good work.
  • Oh, dear.

    In this show, people who drive really fast get pulled over and start acting weird while the police officer writes the ticket. In a strange move, this show focuses on people who think they are funny; I can't even tell if this show is real or if all the responses are fake. It doesn't quite look like the police footage shows such as "Cops" or "World's Wildest Police Videos." There doesn't seem to be any sense that these drivers are doing something which is seriously dangerous to the rest of us on the road. Indeed, from the ads and the few times I've seen the show, it's almost like they're trying to create a sitcom. Questionable wisdom at best. This show ultimately isn't worth watching.
  • A funny show where police officers stop speeders and receive the weirdest and outrageous excuses!

    I just started watching this show yesterday and I thought it was so hilarious!! Some of the excuses were funny and some of the people were just plain strange. I remember one of the speeders who was sort of an older lady have 4 or 5 dogs in the car, climbing all over the place. I thought that was funny and she seemed crazy lol! Another time, was where there was a couple in the car hurrying home, because they were late in making a baby!! That grossed me out but so funny!! There are many crazy and weird people out there and they will do anything to prevent themselves from getting a ticket. I hope this show will receive more popularity in the future, because this is a show really worth watching. Overall, I would really recommend this show to almost anyone looking for a good laugh and to see how our wonderful country with its oh so wonderful citizens make crazed up excuses and do really stupid things.
  • Speeders caught on tape!

    Yes alot of people hate this show but me on the other hand, love it. It's all about people who speed and do illeigal things on the road and eventualy, they get busted by the cops. It's funy to see what they say. I renember in one episode someone was like "It isn't the cops who are bad, it's the system". Yeah, makes you think what people will do to not get a ticket. Some people make up the stupidest excuses and others pretend to cry and be sad and other crazy things. I'd recomend this show to anyone who would like to have a good laugh at crazy people. LOL