Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord

The Nine Network (ended 1997)





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  • The Spellbinder saga continues. More parallel worlds, more heroes, more bad guys. Are you ready for another trip?

    While camping with her family, teenage girl Kathy Morgan comes across a boat on dry land. While investigating, she activates it and finds herself transported to the land of the Spellbinders. The boat's creator, Mek, explains that it's a trans-dimensional boat that is capable of traveling to parallel world. Soon, Kathy and Mek meet Ashka, the villainess from the first Spellbinder series, and the three unlikely companions travel to Mek's world, the Land of the Dragon Lord. Unlike the first Spellbinder series, Land of the Dragon Lord is set in more than two parallel worlds. Also, the main character, Kathy Morgan, is a female hero in the series. Plus, Kathy is not the only one from her world to travel to a parallel world. The theory of parallel worlds is explained a little more by the scholar Mek.