Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord - Season 1

The Nine Network (ended 1997)




Episode Guide


  • A Wedding Surprise
    A Wedding Surprise
    Episode 26
    The wedding will soon begin. Josh and Mek hurry to repair the Oracle while the others must stop Sharak's forces.
  • The Disappearing Act
    Kathy, Josh and Sun return to Parallel Kathy's world to evade Sharak's men, but leave it with Ashka hitching a ride. Sharak threatens to hurt Sun if Aya will not marry him.
  • Who's Who?
    Who's Who?
    Episode 24
    With Ashka captured, and the two Joshes trapped on Bain's boat, it's up to Kathy to save them and reacquire the interface. Sun and Jasmine try to save Aya.
  • The Two Joshes
    The Two Joshes
    Episode 23
    Aya is taken away by Sharak's men. Jasmine helps Sun escape from her village. Kathy, Josh and Ashka try to get the interface and jewels from Bain's boat.
  • On the Trail
    On the Trail
    Episode 22
    With the interface now stolen by the jewellers, Ashka must team up with Josh and Kathy to get it and the jewels back. Aya and Sun hide out in Jasmine's house.
  • The Doublecross
    The Doublecross
    Episode 21
    Kathy and Josh discover that they are not in their own world, but in a parallel world where their doubles are very different from them and their parents are divorced. They try to get back the interface before Ashka sells it.
  • Kathy Meets...Herself
    After escaping from the palace, Kathy and Josh must return to their world to find Ashka and reacquire the interface. Ashka plans to sell the interface and the jewels. Aya and Sun head to Jasmine's village to await their return.
  • Escape from the Palace
    Kathy and Mek return to the Land of the Dragon Lord but are soon caught by Sharak's men. Ashka takes the boat to another world and is marooned there when two boys cause the boat to return to the Land of the Dragon Lord. Josh and Carl devise a daring plan to help the others escape.moreless
  • Stop the Moloch!
    Stop the Moloch!
    Episode 18
    Kathy and Mek try to destroy the Moloch before they return to their world. Josh and Sun continue to haunt Sharak. Ashka becomes angry when she learns of Sharak's plan to marry Aya and become the Dragon Lord.
  • The Hunter and the Haunting
    Kathy and the villagers retreat underground to avoid the killer machine called the Moloch. Josh and Sun convince Sharak that Sun's ghost is haunting them. Sharak is demanding that Aya marry him.
  • Graveyard of Machines
    After leaving the world of the immortals, Kathy and Mek travel to a world with destroyed machine parts. In the Land of the Dragon Lord, Josh and Sun convince Sharak that Sun is dead and haunting him.
  • The Best-Laid Plans...
    Scholar Mek and Kathy attempt to escape from Elvo. Ashka and Sharak take control of the palace. Josh and Vicky try to stay hidden.
  • Barbarians at the Gate
    Kathy must escape to avoid being given the immortality drug. Josh goes to the palace to warn everyone of Ashka and Sharak's invasion.
  • To Live Forever
    To Live Forever
    Episode 13
    Kathy tries to learn of the ways of the world of immortals, but her presence causes much unrest. Josh runs to Jasmine's village to warn them of Sharak's army.
  • Girl for Sale
    Girl for Sale
    Episode 12
    After Kathy is hurt, she is taken to a doctor who explains that she really is the only child in the world because of a disease that wiped them all out. Ashka and Josh are held captive by Sharak and try to trick him into letting them go. Vicky attempts to fix the Oracle.moreless
  • The Only Child in the World
    Kathy and Mek use the trans-dimensional boat to escape from Ashka to another parallel world. They find themselves marooned until they can recharge the crystal that powers the boat. This parallel world has no children and humanoid robots are utilized. Since she is a child, Kathy is taken by a couple who wish to keep her as their own. Ashka escapes with Josh and the two of them are taken by Sharak's men.moreless
  • The Oracle is Dead
    The Oracle is Dead
    Episode 10
    Kathy, Josh, Carl, Vicky, Sun and Jasmine make their way to the palace and expose Ashka. To keep from being found, Ashka disables the Oracle and attempts to escape the Land of the Dragon Lord.
  • Designation Day
    Designation Day
    Episode 9
    The citizens of the Land of the Dragon Lord are observing Designation Day -- the day when the Oracle tells all the 15 year old teenagers what their designated job will be for life.

    Jasmine, who wants to be a performer, is told she must be a hide tanner. Josh is forced to tell the truth about who he is. Kathy and Sun return to Sun's world, but are soon on the run from Ashka.moreless
  • Sun Becomes a Star
    Sun Becomes a Star
    Episode 8
    Kathy and Sun go in search of the boat after it is taken. Carl and Vicky search for their missing children. Josh is taken to Jasmine's village to grant the last two wishes.
  • Josh, the Water Spirit
    Kathy takes the boat back to her world and learns from Sun that her family is in his world. Carl and Vicky escape Sharak's army and make it across the Dragon Lord's border. Josh meets Jasmine, a young girl who thinks that he is a water spirit.
  • Attack of the Thirty-Metre Warrior
    After marooning Sun in Kathy's world, Ashka returns to the Land of the Dragon Lord and claims that a monster killed him. Aya, believing Sun to be dead, becomes the new Dragon Lord. Josh attempts to free Carl and Vicky from Sharak's camp.
  • Marooned in a World of Monsters
    Princess Aya learns that Mek didn't burn his boat and plans to let Kathy return to her world. When Sun learns of this, he plans to go there to get more chocolate. Carl and Vicky are captured and taken to Sharak's camp. Josh sneaks into the camp and avoids detection.
  • Oracle
    Episode 4
    Mek and Sun return from Kathy's world with Kathy's family. Barbarians capture Mek and Sun while the Morgans flee from the danger. Ashka rescues Sun and Mek and becomes Sun's new advisor. Mek is ordered to burn the trans-dimensional boat. Ashka and Kathy discover that the Oracle is really a computer controlled by the Dragon Lord.moreless
  • The Dragon Lord
    The Dragon Lord
    Episode 3
    Kathy and Ashka meet Princess Aya and are taken to the princess's brother Sun, "The Dragon Lord," a spoiled 6 year old child. Enjoying Kathy's company, Sun decides that she will stay and not be allowed to return to her world.
  • Ashka
    Episode 2
    The prisoner, Ashka, befriends and tricks Kathy and Mek into releasing her from the Spellbinder labour camp. Together they travel to the Land of the Dragon Lord. They are soon met by Princess Aya, who escorts them to see her brother, the Dragon Lord. Kathy's parents don't believe Josh's account of Kathy's disappearance and begin searching for her.moreless
  • The Trans-Dimensional Bamboo Boat
    In the Land of the Dragon Lord, Scholar Mek has finished his latest invention -- a trans-dimensional boat -- which he believes will allow him to travel to parallel worlds. He does this against his master's orders. The Morgan Family is on vacation -- they choose to camp out in the "bush" for a couple of weeks to have some family time. The Morgans have 2 kids, Kathy and Josh. Josh pulls a prank on Kathy and she later runs off. Kathy is still angry at Josh -- she sees a light appear out of nowhere on the lake. She goes to investigate only to see a weird boat. By accident, Mek and Kathy get transported to another dimension - a dimension unknown to them -- the parallel universe of the Spellbinders.moreless