Season 1 Episode 11

Centre Of Power

Aired Unknown Mar 20, 1995 on The Nine Network



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    • Paul: I didn't think the Regents were in on your plans.
      Ashka: The Regents are fools. They have let the people lose respect in the Spellbinders. Paul, you have no choice in this. Tell me how to make gunpowder.
      Paul: You want to use the gunpowder against the Regents. And then you want to rule the Spellbinders.
      Ashka: Very perceptive. And when I do, I can make your life here very pleasant. Or very unpleasant.

    • Paul: (after cleaning Correon's power suit) Well, what do you think?
      Correon: Mmm. It looks marvelous. Wenza, my last apprentice, used to do that. He died of the fever eleven years ago and after that, I never took another apprentice.

    • Correon: You opened my eyes to the world, Paul. I hope you find a way to return to yours.
      Paul: Take this. (gives Correon his radio) As long as the batteries last, you'll be able to hear everything the Spellbinders say. Goodbye, Spellbinder.
      Correon: Goodbye...Apprentice.

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