The Nine Network (ended 1995)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Flight
      Episode 26
      Ashka locks Brian, Paul and Riana in a cage and heads off to get the flight control unit for the power suit. After escaping, Paul contacts Alex and Katrina and tells them to get to his house and protect Christine before Ashka can arrive.
    • Breakfast Of Champions
      Paul realizes he'll need help to save Riana and tips off Katrina and Alex. Katrina contrives to meet Ashka and manages to slip into her house before she can be stopped. Katrina booby traps the security system so that they can get in later. Paul encourages his father to ask Ashka to lunch and puts laxatives in her food. While Brian is tending the sick Ashka, Paul sneaks out. Paul, Alex and Katrina rescue Riana and find a case of money from the armored car robbery. They inadvertently start the alarm and the group splits up to get away from the police. Paul and Riana make their way to Paul's father's lab where they are shocked to see that Brian has finished building the new power suit.moreless
    • A Spellbinder In The House
      Paul tries to warn his father about Ashka, but Brian gets angry at hearing Paul repeat his old story and takes Ashka to his lab to work on the power suit. Riana tells Paul she has the videotape of her world so he can prove to Brian that he has been telling the truth. Ashka captures Riana and takes her back to her house and locks her up. Paul turns to Alex and Katrina for help, but they don't believe his story. Ashka warns Paul not to cause her any more trouble for the sake of his family.moreless
    • High Tech Power Suit
      Using all her strength and cunning, Riana manages to escape from the vault. She reaches the Summoning Tower just in time to see Ashka step through to Paul's world, where she follows her. Brian is hard at work at Newton Industries when he gets a call that a woman has arrived to see him - it is Ashka! She shows Brian the book she obtained from the vault. He is flattered when Ashka tells him that she sought him out because of his scientific reputation. He agrees to work with Ashka in discovering the book's secrets. That night Riana climbs in through the bedroom window and surprises Paul. She warns him about Ashka. When Paul comes home from school the next day, Brian arrives and wants to introduce his new client. Paul is horrified to discover it is Ashka!moreless
    • Clowning Around
      Clowning Around
      Episode 22
      Pretending to be a clown, Alex gets into Ashka's room. Katrina surprises them and Paul tells her who Ashka really is. Paul grabs the power suit and throws it into a garbage truck where it is crushed. When Paul heads home, Ashka follows and spies on his family before returning to the cave. In Riana's world, Gryvon steals the Eyestone and sneaks up to the Summoning Tower where Riana sees him open the door to Paul's world and is shocked to see Ashka step through. After following them to the old ruins, Riana makes a noise and is caught. They seal her in the vault with the skeletons of the old Spellbinders.moreless
    • Hunt For Ashka
      Hunt For Ashka
      Episode 21
      At school, Katrina finds Paul and Alex in the science lab, building two electromagnetic detectors so they can track Ashka. Katrina visits the electrical shop where Ashka used her power suit and follows the magnetic signposts Ashka has left. Katrina finds Ashka who discovers that Katrina is a friend of Paul's and can be very useful to her. Ashka makes up a story to fool Katrina into helping her. Katrina helps Ashka rent a hotel room where she learns about this world. Ashka decides to rob an armored car using her power suit. Paul and Alex detect the event and head for the city.moreless
    • Alien Invasion
      Alien Invasion
      Episode 20
      Paul finds and rescues Riana, but leaves the video camera behind. Ashka flees and Correon calls for flying ships to search for her. With Gryvon's help, she steals an Eyestone, opens the doorway and enters Paul's world. Paul returns to his world without the video camera. Katrina is furious that there is no proof of the other world. But disturbing news reports of strange events make him realize that a Spellbinder is visiting his world.moreless
    • Reunions
      Episode 19
      Paul convinces Brian that he is going fishing for the weekend with Alex and his father, when he is really planning on going back to the Spellbinder's world with Riana. Paul starts filming Riana's world so that he will have some proof for Brian and Katrina. Gryvon creates a distraction so Ashka can steal Correon's power suit. Riana spots her and soon follows.moreless
    • Run
      Episode 18
      Paul and Alex race to Katrina's house just as she gets the suit working. They get the suit back. Riana evades the police and finds shelter with Josie and Ben. Paul and Riana search for Riana.
    • The Trojan Toffee Trolley
      Paul and Christine work together to hide Riana from Brian. Paul takes Riana to school where he passes her off as his cousin from Iceland. Correon, Bron, Zander and Arla travel to the Spellbinder's castle to show Paul's videotape to the Regents. Paul receives a radio message from Correon telling him that the Summoning Tower has been repaired and Riana can return home. Paul and Alex discover that the power suit is gone.moreless
    • Breakout
      Episode 16
      A despondent Paul meets up with Alex and they try to visit Riana. She pleads with them to get her out. That night Paul and Alex use the power suit to get past security systems and break into the hospital. The suit's magnetic field damages the hospital computers. They rescue Riana and escape. They take Riana back to Paul's house. Paul hides Riana just before Brian comes in to take Paul and Christine to school. Alone, Riana is amazed, amused and frightened by the appliances and amenities of Paul's house. When Paul returns home he finds Riana has made a huge mess. Suddenly, Christine returns home.moreless
    • Hospitality
      Episode 15
      Riana takes shelter with two homeless siblings. She hurts her ankle and the Salvation Army takes her to the hospital. The next day, Paul and Alex skip school to find her. Paul tries to get her out of the hospital but Riana's doctor won't release her. Riana tries to escape from the hospital, but is caught. Paul and Alex repair the power suit to try and prove Paul's story to Brian. Paul puts it on and energizes it. Paul realizes that the suit has some unexpected effects in this world. In the Spellbinder world, Ashka burns Riana's house and threatens to burn down Clayhill if Bron is not found.moreless
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Episode 14

      While Riana is trapped in Paul's world, Paul is adamant that Katrina and Alex keep the Spellbinders' world a secret. After taking a train, Riana gets lost in the city. Paul is taken in by the police and reunited with his father and sister. Bron runs away from Clayhill to evade Ashka and Gryvon, who are trying to get Paul's camera.

    • The Final Challenge
      Paul and Riana get caught by the Summoner and Riana's family helps them to escape, now they must all flee the village. Paul manages to open the doorway into his world, but unknown to him, Ashka is hiding, waiting for an opportunity to catch him. There is a struggle between Ashka and Paul at the mouth of the cave. Riana arrives and distracts Ashka so Paul is able to pass into his world. He turns back to see Riana threatened by Ashka, so he grabs her and drags her into his world.moreless
    • Spellbinder Jack
      Spellbinder Jack
      Episode 12
      Paul's flying ship plummets out of the sky and Paul gets trapped. Wearing Gryvon's power suit he pretends to be a Spellbinder. He and Riana are rescued by a local farmer who directs them to a nearby town. Ashka and Gryvon search for Paul and Riana. Alex and Katrina plan to help Paul return home. Paul and Riana make their way to Riana's village to get a chain to help them open the doorway to Paul's world. Correon attempts to survive in the wastelands.moreless
    • Centre Of Power
      Centre Of Power
      Episode 11
      Correon returns to the Spellbinder castle and accuses Ashka of lying, which leads her to challenge him to a contest using powersuits. Gryvon rigs the challenge so that Correon loses. As a result Correon gets banished to the wastelands. Riana goes to the castle to save Paul. Together she and Paul overpower Ashka and Gryvon, steal Gryvon's powersuit, and escape through the castle.moreless
    • Desperate Measures
      Desperate Measures
      Episode 10
      Paul, Riana and Correon attempt to leave the labyrinth to save Correon from being banished to the wastelands by the Marauders. Paul's friends back home, Alex and Katrina, try again to make radio contact with Paul. They set up a two-way radio and make contact through Ashka's Eyestone. Alex and Katrina pick up that Paul is in trouble and transmit a warning to him. The Spellbinders pursue Paul and his friends through the labyrinth, eventually capturing Paul and flying him back to their castle. Ashka tells the Regents that Correon has been killed by Marauders. She tells Paul to make gunpowder for her.moreless
    • The Labyrinth
      The Labyrinth
      Episode 9
      The Marauders turn out to be regular people who had been banished by the Spellbinders and so disguised themselves. They capture Paul, Riana and Correon and take them to their camp in a labyrinth on the edge of the forest. The Marauders plan to banish Correon to the wastelands. Ashka and Gryvon chase after the group but lose them. Meanwhile, in Paul's world, Alex and Katrina attempt to contact Paul and the Spellbinders again.moreless
    • Secrets Of The Spellbinders
      Alex and Katrina make their way back to the caves where Paul disappeared and attempt to contact the Spellbinder's world. Meanwhile, after Correon discovers the real cause of the Darkness, he becomes determined to help Paul return to his world.
    • The Gunpowder Plot
      Gryvon takes Paul to an unused part of the castle and insists he teach him how to make gunpowder. Once they know how to make their own gunpowder, Gryvon and Ashka are no longer interested in helping Paul. However, Paul had grown suspicious of Gryvon and Ashka and gives them false instructions so their gunpowder won't work. Back in Paul's world, Alex and Katrina come up with a plan to get back up to the cave where Paul disappeared.moreless
    • Show Me Your World
      Ashka and Gryvon realize the potential of Paul's fireworks, and how powerful they would be if they knew how to make them. Riana manages to sneak into the Spellbinders' castle and finds Paul's video recorder in the hands of Regent Correon. She puts the tape in and shows him how the recorder works, playing back his image. Correon is fascinated and takes it to show the other Regents, who then question Paul about his world. Katrina attempts to convince Paul's father that Paul is in a parallel world.moreless
    • Secrets
      Episode 5
      Paul is brought before the Council of Regents in the Spellbinders' castle and is found guilty of stealing an Eyestone. He is banished to the wastelands for breaking Spellbinder law. One Spellbinder named Ashka is curious about Paul and is sympathetic to his story. She tries to convince the Council of his innocence. As a result, Paul is put in a cell while the Council decides what to do with him. Riana is making her way to the Spellbinder castle in an attempt to return Paul's video tape to him, hoping this will help him convince the Spellbinders that he is from another world. Meanwhile, Paul's family, friends and the police are still desperately looking for him back in his own world. One girl, Katrina, is convinced he has gone into a parallel universe but no one will believe her.moreless
    • It Isn't Magic, It's Science
      Riana arranges it so that Paul can live and work in her village under the guise of being her cousin. Paul finds the work in the fields unnecessarily difficult. Riana explains that things must be done according to the Spellbinders' instructions. Paul becomes skeptical about the Spellbinders' powers and soon realizes that they are using science, not magic, to appear powerful. The power suits that they wear have some kind of electrical energy. Paul tries to explain to the local Apprentice, Gryvon, that he is from another world, but Gryvon doesn't believe him. Paul gets an opportunity to show off his unique talents by making fireworks to save the village from ravaging Marauders. Paul is accused of breaking Spellbinder law and Gryvon takes him away to be judged.moreless
    • Finding The Way Home
      Paul manages to convince a frightened Riana that he is from another world. Together they make their way back to the place where Paul entered this new world. Seeing an electrical surge building up, Paul recognizes his chance to get home. But on the other side the police are still looking for Paul and, fearing the danger of an electrical surge, they knock down the pillars which are feeding the surge - destroying Paul's chances of returning home. Riana takes Paul back to her villagemoreless
    • Where Am I?
      Where Am I?
      Episode 2
      While his classmates and the police are searching for him, Paul is trying to come to terms with his new and primitive surroundings. He has met a girl - Riana - but she is suspicious of his foreign ways and fears he is evil. She leaves him to his own devices, and his strange ways offend the people of this new world, particularly the powerful Spellbindersmoreless
    • The Big Bang
      The Big Bang
      Episode 1
      While attending a high school science camp, Paul Reynolds and his best friend Alex plan to pull a prank on fellow students Katrina and Lisa. Afterwards, a strange electrical surge opens a strange electrical doorway that transports Paul into a strange land.