Season 1 Episode 14

Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1995 on The Nine Network

Episode Recap

In Paul's World, Paul promises that he will find a way to get her home. When Paul tries to demonstrate the power suit for Alex and Katrina, he discovers that the power stones are dead. When trying to get it off, he finds that he's been burned from Ashka's power bolt. Katrina helps him get it off while Alex takes down the cable so that Ashka can't come through the doorway. Paul tells Riana that this is a chance for her to see his world. Katrina also comforts Riana, who is worried about her family. In the Spellbinder World, Bron, Maran, Jal and Arla are hiding in the barn in Clayhill preparing to leave to show Paul's tape to the Regents. Arla wants to get the stones that Correon gave her but Maran says no. Arla sneaks out of the barn and heads toward her house. Before arriving, she sees Ashka and Gryvon and hides. The Summoner comes out of the house and tells Ashka that he was drugged and that Paul escaped. Ashka tells him that Paul returned to his world with Riana. Ashka tells the Summoner to find Bron's family and Paul's camera or Clayhill will suffer. Arla goes back to the barn and tells her family what she heard. Bron tells his family to hide in the loft until it is safe and then to go to the forest. Bron takes Paul's camera and runs. Bron is spotted and Ashka throws a weak power bolt that misses. Gryvon brings her a new power stone and she sends him and the others after him. In Paul's World, Alex suggests that they could make money by telling the world about Riana and the Spellbinders' world. Paul asks Alex and Katrina to keep it all a secret or Riana could be in danger. When Riana sees Sydney at a faraway distance, she marvels at it. Paul states that he wishes Correon could see it, too. In the Spellbinder World, in the Marauder's camp, Correon hears over the Eyestone that Bron is wanted and tells Kurn that he must get to Bron first to find out about Paul. Bron is seen running from Gryvon and the others. In Paul's world, Paul, Riana, Alex and Katrina have made it to therailway station, where Paul and Riana tell Alex and Katrina about the Spellbinders' world. They see a missing flier with Paul's name on it. Katrina tells Riana what it means and that Paul's whole name is Paul Reynolds. Paul rips it down, not wanting to be recognized. Alex pays for train tickets and they get on one to Sydney. On the train, Riana tries to talk to one of the other passengers and he moves to another seat and tries to ignore her. Paul, Alex and Katrina are amused by this.They arrive at Central Station where they go to catch another train. Riana looks up and is amazed when she sees an airplane. Riana bumps into someone and gets separated from the others who have gotten on another train. Riana runs out of the station and is scared by a passing truck, a car alarm and a passerby. She runs away from the station. In the Spellbinder World, Bron is pursued by Gryvon andsome villagers. Zander grabs Bron and takes him to a cave where Correon is. Bron tells him that Paul and Riana have gone to Paul's world. Bron tells them that he is too tired to run. Zander puts on Bron's shirt and tricks the others into chasing him. Back at the barn loft in Clayhill, Maran, Jal and Arla are still hiding. Soon, they are found by Ashka. In Paul's world, Paul, Alex and Katrina go back to Central Station to search for Riana. When Paul knocks down a Caution sign in anger, a policeman walks up to him and begins to question him. When Paul bends down to pick up the sign, he groans and the policeman notices his burn. The policeman decides to take Paul to the police station while Alex and Katrina stand unnoticed watching Paul get into the policeman's car. Riana walks through the city calling out for Paul. She questions two people who give her no help. At the police station, Paul is brought in and identified from the Missing poster. He insists that they help him find Riana. Riana walks into a park and notices a girl drawing a dragononthe sidewalk. A younger boy plays a Gameboy next to her. Riana questions her about it. When a passerby drops a coin into the girl's coin tin, Riana curiouslypicks it up but the girl hastily takes it away. When the girl notices acouncil inspectorwalking near them, they gather their things and quickly leave. Riana sees a piece of chalk on the ground, picks it up and begins drawing. The council inspector tells her to move on. At the police station, Paul tells the policeman what Riana looks like and that she is from Iceland. A doctor arrives to examine Paul. Riana is scared by a passing fire truck, hides and runs away from it. The doctor treats Paul's burn and questions him about where he's been for two weeks. Paul tells him that he doesn't remember anything about where he's been. Paul tells him that Riana is an Icelandic girl who looked after him. Soon,Brian and Christine arrive and they reunite. While Paul and Christine wait outside, the doctor tells Brian that Riana is someone that Paul imagined while he was missing and to humor him about anything he says. On the way home, Paul tells Brian and Christine what happenedto him, and Brian humors him. While Alex and Katrina are walking down the sidewalk, Katrina's parents pull over and tell her to get in the car. Katrina's father tells him to stay away from her. Alex hides the power suit at his house and tells his brother that it's his superhero costume. At home, Paul eats and Brian privately tells Christine that she shouldn't believe everything that Paul tells him. Paul falls asleep andBrian puts him in his bed. Riana is still lost in the city.