Season 1 Episode 14

Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1995 on The Nine Network

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  • Paul returns with Riana to his own world. They get separated and Riana is lost in a new and frightening world.

    Paul saves Riana from Ashka by pulling her into his world. Because of the damaged summoning tower, Riana is trapped. Paul and Riana now switch roles, with her being the lost one in a new world and Paul being her guide. The only difference is that Paul's world is much more advanced and even scarier than the Spellbinder world. While searching for Riana, Paul is picked up by a police officer and taken for questioning. Brian and Christine come to take him home. The doctor who examines Paul believes that Riana is just someone Paul made up and that Brian should just go along with whatever Paul says until he is "better." I guess it is normal, and a little sad, for adults to not believe in things that they can't comprehend or have ever seen themselves. Meanwhile, back in Riana's world, her family is hiding from Ashka. Bron leads the search party from everyone while trying to protect Paul's camera.