Season 1 Episode 14

Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1995 on The Nine Network



  • Quotes

    • Alex: Hey, Paul, we can make megabucks outta this. We can sell the story to the newspapers. "Lost Girl from the Land of the Spellbinders." Hey, Riana, you'll be on the front page. I'll bet you look great in a swimsuit.
      Katrina: Alex!
      Alex: Yeah?
      Katrina: Well, shut up!
      Paul: Hey, guys. I think we should keep this whole thing a secret. At least until I've had a chance to talk to my father, okay?
      Katrina: But what am I gonna tell my parents? I sneaked out to come up here.
      Paul: Katrina, the worst thing that can happen to you is you'll get grounded. People find out about Riana, she might never be allowed to go home.
      Katrina: Okay, I won't tell anyone.
      Alex: Me, either.
      Paul: Thanks. I really owe you guys a lot.