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    I love this series - it is the first time in a while that there has been a cliffhanger series on tv- it got you to the point where you had to see it the following week - sometimes the week was unbearable to get through to find out what happened! im so glad i recorded them - as the disney channel only reaired them once. The Fox Family channel aired a sequel series - which was good but not as good. Ashka was totally evil! she was an awesome villian - i highly recommend this australian sci fi series!!!

    Paul reynolds is a boy in his mid-teens who opens a world-portal by playing with electricity and is lost in a world of civilization where the industrial revolution never happened, and science never advanced. A a person of the 21st century, he becomes hunted by the world\'s leaders: spellbinders for his chemical knowledge on how to make gunpowder on top of his attempts to get home. He finds a friend, Riana who helps him throughout the storyline. Much of the story involves Pauls plight and in returning home, but is also extended, when Riana becomes lost in our world therefore putting the storyline in reverse. The story picks up in pace when one of the spellbinders, Ashka realises that she can use the science of our world to dominate hers, and the main characters are now faced with trying to stop her.

    (That is the most brief version i could come up with to summarise the enormous 26 episode long series.)

    What really proves captivating is the cinema art used to create the parallel world and the way the audience learns with the characters about each others worlds. There is very good acting by both the young and old cast and a lot of credit must be given to the shows artwork designers.

    Overall, \"Spellbinder\" is a highly recommended Australian television program which has very good ideas to excite the imagination of both children and adults alike.
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