Spenser: For Hire - Season 3

ABC (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Pale Kings and Princes
    When one of Susan's former patients, a news reporter, turns up dead on the outskirts of Wheaton, the cocaine capitol of Massachusetts, she and Spenser head out to Wheaton to find out why he was killed, with Hawk tagging along, and end up getting involved with Felipe Esteva, the head of the cocaine smuggling ring who has the entire town in his pocket.moreless
  • The Judas Goat
    The Judas Goat
    Episode 24
    Spenser is hired out by Hugh Dixon to track down the killers of his wife and daughters. The ensuing investigation draws Spenser and Hawk into a huge plot involving assassination attempts on African leader Winston Boyko.
  • Ceremony
    Episode 23
    Spenser is hired to locate April Kyle, the missing daughter of Harry Kyle, millionaire and candidate for Governor. With the assistance of Hawk, Spenser travels from Boston's "Combat Zone" to Providence and the heart of child pornography in search of one seemingly unimportant runaway whom nobody wants found.
  • A Savage Place
    A Savage Place
    Episode 22
    Candy Sloane, a news reporter that Spenser used to date, hires him out as backup while she investigates a credit card fraud ring that might be operating out of a previously-bankrupt movie company.
  • Haunting
    Episode 21
    Spenser investigates an old child kidnapping case, the case that lost him his badge, when he tries to track down a teenage girl's biological parents.
  • McAllister
    Episode 20
    Spenser assists a lawyer in proving the innocence of his client, a Navy seaman accused of murdering the captain's daughter. The only witness is a missing Polish sailor.
  • Hawk's Eyes
    Hawk's Eyes
    Episode 19
    When Hawk is blinded by an explosion he stays with Susan for protection while Spenser investigates a radical political group.
  • Watercolors
    Episode 18
    Spenser protects a child artist after the child witnesses a mob execution while painting in the forest.
  • Company Man
    Company Man
    Episode 17
    When some dynamite goes missing from a construction site, Spenser is employed to investigate. Susan keeps a secret from Spenser.
  • Substantial Justice
    Substantial Justice
    Episode 16
    Theater producer Janet Cole is accused of murder. Her lawyer does not believe that she is innocent so Janet hires Spenser. During his investigation Spenser comes across a gangster family who are using the theater to launder money.
  • The Big Fight
    The Big Fight
    Episode 15
    Joey Falocci, Spenser's former boxing coach, asks Spenser to help with a money delivery. Spenser and Joey are ambushed and Spenser kills one of the men in self defence. Hawk and Susan believe that the ambush was aimed at Spenser but Spenser does not want to believe this.
  • Play it Again, Sammy
    Sammy Backlin dreams of being rich. He believes he can make his dreams come true with the publication of his memoirs. However, his memoirs expose certain truths about organized crime and Sammy soon finds himself in trouble. He asks Spenser to protect him against the assasins who are out to get him, but when the two are shot at, Spenser finds himself in hospital.moreless
  • To the End of the Line
    At a family celebration of Sergeant Belson's, his 15 year old niece Laurie becomes unconscious and later dies in hospital of a drug overdose. Spenser and Sergeant Belson go on a hunt for the drug dealer. The dealer is an old aquaintance of Spenser's and the backer is multi-millionaire Roger Thornwood. Spenser and Belson set a trap for the men who are responsible for Laurie's death.moreless
  • Arthur's Wake
    Arthur's Wake
    Episode 12
    Spenser protects his old friend, former policeman Arthur Reynold, after he is attacked by two men who steal several thousand dollars. In the course of Spenser's investigation he comes across information which leads him to believe that Arthur is connected with racketeering.
  • The Siege
    The Siege
    Episode 11
    Hawk and Susan along with other people are held captive in a post office.
  • Skeletons in the Closet
    Spenser is hired by Judge Jason Kingsley to find a stolen journal which contains information revealing the judge as a customer of a prostitute. While Spenser is investigating the case he learns that Hawk has been hired by the journal thief to extort money from the judge.
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play
    Episode 9
    On the way to a football match, Spenser and Susan stop at a news stand. Shots are fired at the newsagent. Spenser tries to protect himself and Susan, but a 14 year old boy gets caught up in the fire and is killed. The boy had no weapon and was an innocent bystander. Spenser learns from Hawk that there is a professional hitman from New Jersey in town, and he has orders to kill two people - the newsagent and Spenser.moreless
  • Gone Fishin'
    Gone Fishin'
    Episode 8
    18 year old pupil Thad asks Spenser to be his bodyguard, offering a large sum of money. Spenser doesn't take Thad up on his offer, but he does give him Hawk's phone number. Thad and Spenser are fired at. When Spenser investigates he finds that Thad wants to marry the girl that he loves, but her father does not want this.moreless
  • Thanksgiving
    Episode 7
    Spenser's old army friend is arrested for murder. Spenser cuts his Thanksgiving trip to a Puritan village in Plymouth short to try to exonerate his friend. However, the more information that Spenser has, the more he believes his friend is guilty.
  • Consilum Abditum
    Consilum Abditum
    Episode 6
    Susan is in trouble when her claims of sexual harassment lead her college counselor to retaliate by hiring a hit man to keep her quiet. Spenser gets arrested for getting involved in a fight.
  • Sleepless Dream
    Sleepless Dream
    Episode 5
    Spenser becomes obsessed with an apparently suicidal woman after a chance encounter on the street.
  • On the Night he Was Betrayed
    Spenser helps an old friend, an alcoholic priest who tries to help homeless teenagers, when he gets involved over his head.
  • The Heart of the Matter
    Lt. Quirk faces his mortality when he suffers a heart attack. Spenser and Hawk protect him from revenge-minded villains as he recovers.
  • My Enemy, My Friend
    A streetwise young kid gets involved over his head in the underworld. Spenser and Hawk try to protect him from would-be killers.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 1
    A cop who helped send a gangster's son to prison years ago has been hiding, cause the gangster wants to get him. But now he wants to come home, so he and his father, asks Spenser to act as intermediary. While the gangster is unwilling to settle for nothing less than seeing him dead. Spenser tries to see what he can do. At the same time Spenser has to deal with Susan, who came back to town, and would like to see if they have a future, but this case is taking up all of his time.moreless