Spice and Wolf

TV Kanagawa (ended 2008)


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  • Sooo basically

    The first episode, the main character shamelessly stared at a hot, naked wolf chick, unphased (must be gay) and she seductively ate wheat to perform a transformation sequence alike to all my dryer's lint exploding out of her arm. And it's all due to the gay man's bushels. Dat bushel

    The dub's nice though

    She needs to put on some clothes

  • Lawrence, a merchant, meets a female wolf deity named Horo during a harvest festival. The two make a pact; if he takes Horo to her homeland, then she will help him become rich. They set out on their adventure together, growing attached in the process.

    Spice and Wolf is a show that isn't perfect in any areas, but is great in all areas. Essentially a master of none but a jack of all trades. All of the aspects of the show is great, making the overall show great. The animation is are good and and the premise of the story is entertaining and novel. The relationship/characters and music are particularly good.

    The show has concluded its first season. Since the first season was based on novels 1-2 out of at least 7 novels, there will most likely be more seasons to come. Spice and Wolf is a great show which I highly recommended.
  • A show about a merchant and an incarnation of a harvest-wolf-god, set in a beautuiful medieval world.

    So, a merchant named Lawrence encounters the incarnation of the harvesting god - a wolf good at that. Her incarnation looks like a human except wolf ears and the tail to match. Then, he's supposed to accompany her to her home country in the north. On top of that, it's all set in a medieval setting. That's pretty interesting, if you ask me. It lays the base for a good adventure anime; which I definitely like.

    This show doesn't have a vast array of main characters - it's mainly Lawrence and Horo (the wolf-god) so far. Well, they're both good characters, and I especially like how Horo is a contrast in herself: She is pretty smart, and wise - as she says herself several times - at times. Still, she can be pretty child-like, and has a personality that doesn't really indicate wisdom or smartness.

    Lawrence is, well, a pretty average main character, I think. I don't really have much to say about him. There's one thing I don't like, however: They both try to act though towards each other, hiding their feelings. Or something like that. Anyway, I am pretty tired of seeing that, and even though it's turning into a standard part in a recipe for this kind of anime.

    Ah, and I really like the setting of the show, as I mentioned earlier: A medieval world. I find it really awesome to watch this show with its medieval feel - I've always been a sucker for that.

    All in all, this can turn into a pretty good show. I'm going to recommend this to all of you adventure anime fans out there. However, it can be pretty confusing in the first episodes - I'm just starting to understand it after thinking a bit about it. But that may just be me, so watch it yourselves!