Spice Up My Kitchen

HGTV Premiered Apr 15, 2008 Unknown


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  • What was the designer thinking?

    I just watched my first show of "Spice Up My Kitchen". I admit the before kitchen was ugly, but the designer didn't improve it much for $43,000. The walls were painted an ugly fuchsia. The black appliances and black counter tops were too much black. The light cherry floors and dark cherry cabinets were too much wood. The microwave drawer were not practical. BAD, BAD, BAD!!! That designer is terrible. I will not be watching this show again. She has no taste at all. I wouldn't giver her a dime to do my kitchen, she would have to pay me and then I would re-do it after she left, well, maybe start before she left so she would get the idea that her ideas are so very bad.