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  • Is the Answer: A, Bee or Gee?

    This show is enjoyable (music trivia with a touch of comedy), but I don't actually watch it that often. However, I am a huge music lover myself, and am always ready to answer the questions (sometimes even before the people who are on the show actually do).

    [Maybe they should get me on the show one day...]

    There are a number rounds, but each round is not always shown in every episode. This is mainly because the show only typically goes for about half an hour.

    Many famous people (mainly Australian singers and comedians) have appeared on this show during its run (Barry Crocker even once appeared on the show and had to sing the TV tune to "Neighbours" [which he originally sang when "Neighbours" began] but had to substitute the lyrics to the words from a book on poultry).

    It is obvious that everyone involved has fun making this show, and the show also has an easy-going nature. Adam Hills [the host] usually lets the others talk, instead of telling them to be quiet, like on other game shows.

    If you are looking for good light entertainment, look no further.
  • Music, Fun and Great Laughs what quiz show could be better.

    Each week there's four guest musician,comedian hey even Santa has been on there well on the Christmas special that is but that's another story.
    With Adam Hills as the host full of laughs and always having a knowledge of a story which one of the guest can tell which are usually funny.
    And we can't forget our two team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst of course because they're Fantastic (if you've played the DVD game you might get that).

    Also we can't forget the rounds like Substite where one person has to sing a song but the lyrics come from an unrelated book which is usually funny in its own right or Turning Japanese which is a new one where the teams have to guess what the song is from reading the lyrics which were translated to Japanese and then were translated back into English.

    Overall Spicks and Specks is awesome so Goodnight Australia
  • What a show! Even my Auntie Nell Campbell was on it once or twice! Do the Swim!!!

    The show that was named after the famous 1980s song 'Spicks and Specks' by the very popular Australian/English disco band. The show every week consists of the famous funny Australian host born without a foot! Adam Hills. Also with his two co-hosts it also has 3 members on each team with 2 different guests on each show where they have different rounds of questions involving music from different generations. But the show is very funny and in my opinion never fails to disappoint. And I was a little disappointed how Adam hills was nominated for so many logies but didn't get one! But yes the show is one of the best Aussie comedy Prime time game shows of all time! Sometimes it can be a little boring and over repetitive but overall great show that will definitely not end for a while because of it's popularity on ABC1.
  • Great Show! Insightful into the world of music in any genre. You hear great stories from the actual historical characters. You know you're hooked when you shout the answer at the TV and your hubby says "how the hell did you know that?"

    My girlfriend and I ocassionally watch this show together over the phone. We are from the generation that all watched the Countdown Top 10 on a Sunday night and then went to school the next day to discuss whether it was right or not according to the sixth grade oracles that we were.

    This show feeds the desire we all have to know the more intimate details of those in the music industry, without getting paparazzi in your face about it.

    The guests are great and the stories they tell are great as well. And sometimes they let little bits slip that really shouldn't be known as they were a bit too private to tell.

    And the songs at the end of the show are really good. Sometimes they are songs so far off mainstream that you really wonder where this artist came from. And other times they get two of the shows artists to perform a song together. The arrangements can be very eclectic to say the least. And all the games they play. I love the mondegreens best. Only because we have all stuffed up the lines to many a famous song and because the stuffed up lines were done by so many of us we really thought this was the right words. And there is the bicycle record player. And there is also..... No you will have to watch.

    As Molly Meldrum says "Do yourself a favour" and tune into this show. Its on Aussie TV at 8:30pm on Wednesday nights. You really shouldn't miss an episode.
  • Guest appearances by Guy Sebastian (vocalist) and Guy Pratt (bass player). Guest comedians Dave O'Neil and Cal Wilson.

    Must see hilarious 'bass off' between Pratt and O'Neil. It's the reason why this show is in the Aussie top 10 each week. Guy Pratt who played with Icehouse, recalls meeting David Bowie in the early 80s in the catering tent. I loved when he descibed his excitement at seeing Bowie walk in. "I dropped my trifle." As he recalls it had the best catering at any gig that he'd ever performed. Dave O'Neil gets you laughing and Guy Se'boring'astian makes you think, "Every other Aussie musician besides Shannon Knoll must be busy!" Cal Wilson added charm wit to the mix.
  • I love it! I think Adam, Myf and Alan are great.

    I am crazy about this show. I was a fan of Adam Hills comedy stuff before he hosted the show and he is an absolute legend. I like how they mix up the segments and that not all of the guests are musical geniuses so they make me feel a whole lot better about how few answers I get correct (or dont get correct) when playing along in my lounge room at home. How much I like a particular episode depends on the guests featured for that show. Some of them I find absolutely hilarious, others I find a little annoying. A few dud guests and the whole episode goes down the gurgler.

    Sure it isn't anything new or ground braking. We've had music quiz shows on tv before and I am sure we will long after Spicks and Specks is gone but its still an entertaining way to spend half an hour on a Wednesday night.
  • Half hour comedy music trivia show produced by the ABC and broadcast nationally around Australia Wednesdays at 8:30. Hosted by comedian Adam Hills along with team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst.

    An incredibly popular program with highly devoted fan base, and hosted by one of the most likeable personalities in Australian television. Having said that, when it comes down to it the show is just another quiz show, it's staging is bland, it's segments may have been funny to begin with but tend to be over-used, and one suspects that given the omission of genuine real-life contestants and Alan Brough's ever changing credit as a writer, then researcher, then consultant, that this may not actually be a REAL quiz. Points for being NICE, but Rock Wiz has more energy and attitude.
  • The greatest show on Wednesday nights at 8:30 on the ABC... Why would you watch anything else?

    Spicks and Specks is one of the greatest shows on. At the time where reality shows were the norm, ABC quietly slipped this jewel of a show into its line-up. Of course, it went relatively unnoticed for the first couple of weeks, but then the word spread and soon many people were tuning into this beast of a TV show.

    It’s a quiz show, but not as we know it. There’s no boring everyday people that we don’t care about on winning money for themselves, instead there’s talented musicians and comedians answering (or not answering, depending on who they are) musical themed questions, and battling each other for… well, nothing. It is the ABC after all.

    The always funny Alan Brough and the always surprising Myf Warhurst captain two teams made up of three (including themselves) comedians/musicians in this battle of musical knowledge, and overseeing them (and doing the all important job of reading out the questions) is the always entertaining Adam Hills.

    So, you should watch it. Because it’s really quite funny, and it’s a lot more interesting then reading some person you don’t know review it.
  • This show is so much better than that 'You may be right' junk!

    A great quiz show. Although this does not do Adam Hills' comedy talent justice it is a great showcase for his comedy skills and that of others such as Hamish Blake and alike. Oh yeah and it is choc-a-block full of musical tidbits and info-bytes. The rounds are innovative and interesting. I often find myself rushing home on a Wednesday night to watch and taping episodes so that I cannot miss them. This show is truly great fun to watch and play along with at home. I am now a formidable trivia opponent in the musical rounds thanks to these guys. Keep up the good work guys. You are hilarious!
  • Great Aussie Comedy

    Spicks and Specks is a brilliant Aussie comedy. It is a beautiful and refreshing twist on the ordinary game show. As Adam says "It's the quiz show for music lovers and the music show for quiz lovers.

    With interesting games, funny guests and a unique insight into the world of music, it has quickly become one of my must-watch tv shows.

    My favourite episode by far, so far, was the Very Specky Christmas. Favourite games include Substitute and the charades one - they're also the easiest ones to play at home!!!

    I love Wednesday nights on the ABC - and this is, without doubt, the main reason why. May it continue for many years to come!!!
  • Always makes me laugh

    This really is a breathe of fresh air!

    Spicks and Specks is a music game show when two teams of celebrity music buffs go though a series of rounds each week to find a winner.

    I never miss this show and for some reason everyone who comes on the show really step up and become really funny. Its also not a complete joke, it becomes extremely competitive.

    Adam Hills is a brilliant host and a couple of my favourite guests are Hamish Blake and Ross Noble they are always funny. Also the guy from Black books was incredible when he was on.

    The best round is without a doubt "Substitute" where contestens have to sing the tune of a song while reading lyrics from some completely different piece of literature.

    Funny, funny show! Shame there aren't more like it.
  • Ohh why do they always put the good shows on a Wednesday nights?

    This show always gives me the giggles. Every Wed night I tune in and rack up laughing at some of the thigns coming out of peoples mouths and yell at them when they get the answer wrong. Oh the joy of thinking I know more than the idiot on TV.
    The show is good on it's own merits though, but it does occassionaly remind me of Good News Week for some strange reason. I don't know if it's beacuse Adam has the same sort of humour as Paul or the way it's run but it does kinda make me think of the same show. The show is funny and does have some strange parts to it. i like the bicycle part the best when it's on.
  • Spicks & Specks is a fresh comedy game show where personalities compete in a quiz show format on music related topics. So far it is brightening up my wednesday nights with a good mix of questions and comedy.

    Let's hope this show doesn't follow Good News Week and more recently The Glass House and become another ABC trashy comedy giving out cheap, unintelligent laughs. The ABC in Australia is known for kickstarting the careers of many comedy personalities and it's pumps out some quality shows. Spicks and Specks currently is nicely balancing music and comedy with guests from both industries. Adam Hills holds the show together extremely well. The show has potential to be the next big thing on the ABC if handled well.