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  • Great Show! Insightful into the world of music in any genre. You hear great stories from the actual historical characters. You know you're hooked when you shout the answer at the TV and your hubby says "how the hell did you know that?"

    My girlfriend and I ocassionally watch this show together over the phone. We are from the generation that all watched the Countdown Top 10 on a Sunday night and then went to school the next day to discuss whether it was right or not according to the sixth grade oracles that we were.

    This show feeds the desire we all have to know the more intimate details of those in the music industry, without getting paparazzi in your face about it.

    The guests are great and the stories they tell are great as well. And sometimes they let little bits slip that really shouldn't be known as they were a bit too private to tell.

    And the songs at the end of the show are really good. Sometimes they are songs so far off mainstream that you really wonder where this artist came from. And other times they get two of the shows artists to perform a song together. The arrangements can be very eclectic to say the least. And all the games they play. I love the mondegreens best. Only because we have all stuffed up the lines to many a famous song and because the stuffed up lines were done by so many of us we really thought this was the right words. And there is the bicycle record player. And there is also..... No you will have to watch.

    As Molly Meldrum says "Do yourself a favour" and tune into this show. Its on Aussie TV at 8:30pm on Wednesday nights. You really shouldn't miss an episode.
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