Spider-Man (1967)

Season 2 Episode 18

Cold Storage

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1969 on ABC
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Cold Storage
Sophisticated diamond thief Dr. Cool and his henchman have heisted a fortune in diamonds and are at a deserted-before-dawn ice factory, planning to smuggle the gems through international customs by mixing the "hot ice" with large quantities of the ordinary variety.

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  • Spider-Man is trapped in a super-powered freezer by a cold-blooded gem thief. Boy, I've heard of "just chillin' ", but this is ridiculos....

    Being in an icy state of mind shortly after spending four days without power during one of the nastiest ice to hit the the Mid-South in decades, I watched this one in a chilly triple bill along with "The Trouble With Snow" and "Sub-Zero For Spidey". It's definitely a favorite of mine, from the smeary reds and purples used for the sky to the bizarre drumming and chanting troupe of crazed hippies, survivors of some unknowable apocolypse, dressed in cast-off clothes. (Though not a woman in a bunch--perhaps that's why they were so frentic.) We're treated to sixties psychedelia at its best: rows of bleak, broken green hulks that were once buildings, the black forms of primitive birds that look like distant cousins of The Vulture swooping overhead, and even a rampaging mastadon trying to pound the webhead into a blue-and-red mush. Dr. Cool himself was a cold, canny customer--the bland look he gives Spidey when he enters the icehouse is priceless. He was definitely one of the better one-shot villains this series gave us, and another in a long string of baddies who seem to have earned doctorates (besides Octopus, I've seen Spidey tangle with Drs. Magneto, Dumpty, Von Schlick, and the curious Noah Boddy). I guess New York Universities just hand those diplomas out like windshield flyers....moreless
Paul Soles

Paul Soles

Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Peg Dixon

Peg Dixon

Mary Jane Watson/Betty Brant/Polly/Sue J. Jonah

Paul Kligman

Paul Kligman

J. Jonah Jameson/Jake/Additional Voices

Bernard Cowan

Bernard Cowan

Narrator/Additional Voices/Dr. Magneto/Cowboy

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Spider-Man's mask mouth moves noticeably while the ice man delivers one of his lines, making it seem as if the webhead is speaking to himself in two voices.

    • In the shot of the chanting crowd, one of the hippies' mustache is colored the same fleshtone as his skin, giving him an odd harelipped look.

    • It's extremely doubtful Spider-Man would have survived being locked in at absolute zero for a mere 2 minutes let alone 24 hours. He would have been brittle and likely would have been completely shattered to pieces when the ice man came to break him free of his icy prison.

    • Dr. Cool plans to smuggle the diamonds out of the country in shipments of real ice. Except -- ice isn't that hard to make! No one imports or exports it!

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