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    Why was this the only marvel 60's show where the ideas weren't ripped of the comics.
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    Actually, several scripts were adaptations of then-current stories (pre-"Death of Gwen Stacy" and Venom arc, of course).

    What I wonder is, why can't the current TV writers do a superhero series that captures the carefree camp spirit of the '69-70 and early '80s Spidey? Everything seems to be grim-n-gritty a Pokemon knockoff or a conscious self-parody. And God forbid we see minority in a major villain role--black and Asians must all be heroes or in sidekick roles at best, while the major baddies are white. I'm to believe there isn't one black crime boss in all of NYC, Gotham, or Metropolis? (Though SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN does have Tombstone/Big Man and a black Fancy Dan, so props there.)
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